iTrain, iRun, iGlide…~


“Let’s start building some hurting bombs.” – Duke from Rocky Balboa (2006)

The Nike Race 2010 was something I looked forward to running because it’ll be my first ever non-NS run. Before this year’s event, I had actually wanted to participated in the Nike Human race (the one with the red tee) BUT sadly none of my friends are interested to run it and by the time I found one, registration was closed. Shucks. But this year was different; I had someone who would run that race with me. And so the game was on. However I had 1 month to train. *GULPS!*

Legend (my partner) and I, got ourselves the Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 and best of all, the new range of Nike running gear has the “tracker” to track our distances that we run and sync it to the system at allowing you to check on your progress and all. VERY CREATIVE innovation as it means people can now run without having the need to physically map out their running distances and do so many calculations on their pace yada yada (if they want to).

Personally I did not manage to run/train much due to work commitments a.k.a OTs. *sobs sobs* Thus only managed to fit in some jogs and runs on weekends and at one point of time, after midnight @ Jalan Bahar with my partner, Legend. I must say, THAT experience was kinda spooky as we jogged in the middle of darkness, on rocky grounds. Apparently, the Nike Lunar Glide+ managed well with the terrain of dust and rocks and occasionally, potholes.

One of the things I like very much about the shoe is that its light AND has great cushioning for the balls of my feet. The shoe didn’t feel “heavy” nor bogged me down with its weight but at the same time it provided comfort with its excellent cushioning. I could actually “feel” the cushioning effect whenever I walk/jog/run with it. Kinda cool. \m/

But all in all, I just cant wait for it to be used on the roads of Marina come 24th October 2010. Be there or be square!


– spongebil

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