The Nike City Race 10K

“I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.” – Pearl S. Buck

I know its been almost a week since last tumblred  been busy with work work work. *sigh* HOWEVER, i can’t believe how 1 week has passed since Nike’s City Race 10K. Kinda miss the entertainment and run somehow. Well, i guess first and foremost, its because, the run was unique and different. Unlike any other.

I’ve not been really actively running marathons and races and whatnots, unlike my partner, Legend. He’s simply, LEGEND…wait for it…DARY! Races after races, back to back has he done them all. For me, due to my 8am-sometimes 9pm work schedule, i have been slacking on my runs.

But of course, the Nike City Race 10K would be the best run that i’ve ever run so far (be it during the Army’s Half Marathon or so). Reason being its has many AWESOME REASONS to it:

The Race route:

The race route was wide, smooth flowing and it certainly lives up to its race name of CITY RACE. It brings one across the Nicole Highway, Kallang, Marina Promenade and then back to its START/END point of Floating Platform, overlooking the beautiful city skyline. ESPECIALLY in the morning. It was NOT very hilly and most times, was a road-run. No bottlenecks what so ever encountered and i feel that the organizers have done a great job to ensure it. Bottleneck runs are just so, eeeeuurrrgh! 

But what’s good about it is that it doesnt give a newbie runner (your’s truly, thank you) a dreadful feeling of “Oh man, when is this gonna end?” or “Dang, the corner is soooo far away!”. Thats good and i LOVE IT! It builds confidence amongst new & old runners alike to actually have faith and know that they can complete it. 

Entertainment Value:

Unlike any other races that i’ve been to or know of, it’ll be a simple START/END line with water points along the way and prolly a marching band/supporters at the END point cheering you on. If its any better, you’d get simple entertainment towards the end.

But this race was seriously AWESOME. It had performances ALONG the route itself! Like different stages hold different genres of music. From HIPHOP to LIVE performances to MAMBO to a guy sporting a cowboy hat, not too sure what genre he’ll be doing cause he was cheering us on instead at the moment of our “arrival”. We had much fun. They were friendly and EVEN pulled Legend up onto the stage to “pose-perform” with him! Hahahaha!

At the end point, the Floating Platform, there were live performances, massage stations, fruit & drinks station and many others. ZOMG! It was like a Running Carnival. And many people were chillaxing (chilling + relaxing) on the astro turf watching the performances and all. It was good. Usually, post-races, people would just take their “finisher’s medal” and then head of home or maybe, stay on for a while then go back. This time, Nike City Race 10K was different. Close to about 1000? 2000? people actually stayed on and soaked in the atmosphere! Cool or what?

Its not all about the runs and runs but about enjoying them while you’re at it. Its like they (or prolly me) say, “If you gonna win it, you gotta win it with style.” 

Water points and “Finisher’s Medal”:

Water points, were to me, evenly spaced out. Not too close yet not too far apart either. But this is a personal thing, every individual has their own ideal water points. But what’s amazing is that even towards the end, those water points serve cold water/100 Plus. And its pretty efficient too with so many volunteers sticking out their hands with a cup in hand. Very quick, very efficient and very fast. Come, take and go. And then throw on the road. 😛 Where, not to worry, the volunteers helped to minimize the cups-on-the-route by picking it up every time some runner misses the HUGE white “trash bag”.

The “finisher’s medal” is cute. Like seriously cute. Its a small figurine. A doll. Thought you might be expecting a medal, a plague or a trophy? Think again. Its a DOLL. And its Limited edition like only (12,000 in SG? LOL.) But yeah, it makes a good collectible. Yay!

The Nike gear:

The luminous green-yellow tee with a intricately-simple (i don’t really know how to explain it) design is actually very cooling and nice to wear. AND it glows. Like glow-in-the-dark. Not only is it good for morning runs but night time too. (:

And as for me, im running in my new Nike Lunar Glide+ 2 shoes. Its light and comfy. Like i said earlier, its has a comfortable inner sole and the cushion support for the balls of the feet, i could feel it when i ran. Traction wise, it has a nice grip, even though you’re turning round a corner on wet grounds. Kinda reminds me of the Nike Free 5.0. Which is still my favourite shoe based on design, flexibility and style. Sadly, i don’t have them any more. As i had to return them back to my friend. AIYAH! 😦


Well, overall i’d rate the Nike City Race – 4.2 shoes out of a possible 5. Good vibe, good entertainment, good run. Can’t wait to see what Nike might have next year though. I heard they’re gonna take it up to another level. Oh yeah, can’t wait.

I’m sorry if i had not been very technically inclined in terms of the aspects of running and whatnots as like i mentioned, i’m a newbie runner. This run has certainly up-ed my level of expectation of runs in the future. Now, that being said, i’ve gotta run some errands. Till next time yaw.


“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.”

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