The Runner’s High.

Obsessive Enthusiastic Runners (OER): Runners in this group agreed that running was considered a positive experience; however, they tended to be emotionally dependent upon running. (Vallerand et al., 2003)

I may not have ran THAT many races in the past 2-3 years of my life. Well, did 2 Army half-marathons and whatnots, and then i was tied up with work work work.

As a fitness enthusiast, i kinda lost touch with my running and stamina. But after running the Nike City Race 10K (yes, my 1st ever run after soooo long) it has certainly brought me confidence in knowing that i COULD actually finish 10K. Under 60min. Probably a good 50-55min i’d reckon was my timing.

My kick start to running could not have come any better. Personally, i dislike boring runs. ESPECIALLY on tracks. 6 rounds, round the track for my 2.4KM IPPT run could really “kill” my mood. I’m looking forward to other interesting runs like Swissotel and trail runs. But on a gloomy note, seriously, the registration date has closed.

Well, i guess, its a sign for me to “train up” for next year’s fun runs/races. 🙂 Peace out Singapore. I’ve got some  catching up to do. Catching up on my sleep! *yawns* 🙂

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