Walk by faith, not by sight.

– Anon

WARNING:The above is a metaphor, something which you do not take it literally and walk around town with your eyes blindfolded. Any instances in which you might be tempted to do or is already doing so, this blog and its the (awesome) blogger will NOT be held responsible. You’ve been warned.



Alright, I’m not too sure of the whereabouts of this quote, but I’m guessing it sounds a bit Christiany? No? Whatever. Sounds like its out from the Bible i supposed. But personally, i strongly believe that Quotes, be it from the Quran, the Bible, off a McDonald’s tray or an FHM poster, is UNIVERSAL. You dont have to be a Muslim to appreciate and/or embrace a quote from the Quran nor you have to be working with Nike to sync yourself to its motto of “JUST DO IT”. Mottos, quotes and sayings are UNIVERSAL. Say it with me – UNI-VER-SAL. So clever. ^__^.

Anyways, the reason why i brought up this quote was because i think many a times, people are very much disheartened or disappointed when they run races and finishes in an hour BUT some Kenyan guy, LOL, could finish it in 30min? Or you know, you hit the gym and some dude beside you is doing 80kg bench press while you’re only up to 40? And when you check again, that dude happens to be a LADY. A pretty strong one i must say. Confidence: -50. *Pew pew pew*

So you see, a lot of times, what we see others do, we tend to get jealous and feel shitty about ourselves. This is what many would call OVER EXPECTING. Thus for most, sadly, when they dont achieve what they want, in that short period of time or so, they would call it quits. How many of you actually have friends who followed you to gym or runs and then the next time you ask them out, they’re like “BUSY” with this that dat doot?  I have. I’m sure you do too. Or maybe you’re one of them. Its okay. Really. I understand.

Why? Cause i used to be in THAT very same “poison” position before. Why “poison”? Its because like poison, it kills you from deep inside. Slowly eating away your confidence, and sooner or later, you find it useless to train. No time lah, got GF lah, work commitments lah, let me go “train” first then come back with you la, Singapore Sale is on lorh no time, SITEX end of the month lei and #1.2 on the list of excuses we (MIGHT) give ourselves – FaceBook. Apps, games and whatnots, we are all hooked to it till a simple work of 30min can become 2hours. :S

So anyways….instead of seeing these shortfalls in the short run, we should HAVE FAITH and see things in a bigger picture instead. Im not asking for faith in Godly divination. But FAITH IN YOURSELF to complete what you’ve already started. So what if we improve after 3 months of training? Long time, true, but YOU improve. You must believe in YOURSELF that you can complete the race, the marathon, the sets or weights, flip up the tyres etc. When the mind isnt one with the body, the game is already half over.

When i run, be it 5KM or 10KM, i dont see the END POINT in sight. I break it down into short tiny bite sized pieces instead. But at the same time, having faith in myself and my i-think-its-awesome-for-now body to actually complete the ran. We have gotta complete what we start. Had i chose to “see” the END POINT in my mind, seriously, i would have felt scared, shitty and dejected. 5km = 5000m = 500,000cm. Thats HALF A MILLION! centimeters.

My 1st ever training with SG Titans, i was tasked to lift up a HUMONGOUS tyre. Those used by lorries or tractors. The Tyre weighs a whopping (BK Whopper, step aside pls) – 180KG! And i had to lift and flip it. :S At first i was like WOAH! But then i focused myself and decided NOT to see the weight of the tyre and just lift. And lo and behold, i did it. Without help. And with proper technique of course.

In conclusion, its all about visualizing and believing in yourself. I’m sorry if this post is a bit dry, cause im blogging at 4 in the morning and i have work today at 9. I’m dead. But i can assure you the next post is gonna be *in a high pitch voice* AWESOME!

Its gonna be about a recent event i JUST attended. I spy with my little eye and guess HOODIE  i see….? 😉


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