We can always let nature take its course. But to get the best apples, we must pluck them before they fall, and be picked up by someone else.

I know that I’m supposed to be posting up about some other event. However, I’ve yet to receive some of the photos taken from some other cameras, thus the delay. Sorry about that.

But as of late, I realize that most times, we, fitness enthusiast of different sports, fail to see the importance of going the extra mile. Yes, we all “read about it”, “hear about it” etc, but how many of us ACTUALLY go and “do something about it”…full time?

If you want to achieve something, be in any sport, ask yourself this question, “How badly do you want it?”. Don’t “BADLY” me now but “slightly bad” later.

Most runners, gymers, fitness buffs, all have targets they set for themselves. But bogged down with school work, work, kids blah blah blah, we fail to achieve what we have initially set for ourselves.

Legend, a runner, from www.myrunningaddiction.wordpress.com, is a great example of someone who “plucks the apples off the tree” rather than wait for “apples to drop”. He seeks out for races and race trainings and go for them. Not only that, he trains hard for them too. Coupling his running addiction (pun intended) with MMA-styled workouts… Now, THAT’s BAD***! Check out his site for “inspiration” and his reviews on the races.

We have many runners here in SG. True story. The Nike City Race 10K got 12,000 people registering for it within 9 days from the registration date.

With a population of 5million human people, those arent good numbers. Thing is, most know of the MAJOR runs. Cause it’s being advertised & publicized. But what about those other races or training runs? See what I mean? How many of you know of:

Salomon X-trail 2010 Date: 14/11/2010 Locations: Mac Ritchie Reservoir Distance: 12km (for more info, visit: http://salomonx-trailrun.com/ )


I bet if I could see the number of hands being raised from my screen here, I would see a good number of you guys/girls. Good. Now that you know about it, are you gonna wait for the apple to fall from the apple tree OR pluck it? Your call.

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