The Nike AW77 Hoodie Launch. 3…2…1…Read on!

1st November 2010 was the day Nike officially launched it’s new range of gear – The AW77 Hoodie, in Singapore. Created in 1977 by Nike and Geoff Hollister, the AW77 was made to further fuse running with style. And boy did they create a running hoodie that represents a running silhouette but not losing focus of a lil style and funkiness.

The thing about this hoodie is that it’s customizable to YOUR lifestyle and what represents YOU. With such a wide range of colours that mix and matches perfectly with one another, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Wait, it gets better, there’s 77 decals for you to choose from to be ironed on to the hoodie. Designed by renowned ultra creative graphic designers from both local and overseas, you can say I was blown away.

*in a boxing ring commentator tone*  In the corner representing SINGAPORE we haaaaaaave…. Alvin Tan of :phunk studio and SBTG’s Mark Ong!

(For more info on these amazingly cool dudes, you can stalk them at & ! Be blown by amazing designs and visuals. And for some, inspiration.)

Seriously, they were able to fuse both SPORTS and GRAPHIC DESIGNS seamlessly together to create their own decals of, as i would call it “The Flying V” for Alvin’s design and “The Checkered CrossBone” for Mark’s. A representation of LIFESTYLE, SPORTS and VICTORY, you gotta have them on your hoodie i’d say!

Anyways, you can get your customizable hoodie in 5 simple steps!


With over 20 colour combination designs, be prepared for some “Eh, i think this is nice, no wait, that one, that one. Eh eh, i want that one, nice right?” kinda moments. If you’re with your GF/BF and getting them one, i think you can seriously, take a seat. All so nice! Spoilt for choice!


Why patches? Patches, like badges and logos, are something that you relate to with. BIG organizations or small clubs have their own identity which they project through their patches. Think Arsenal FC and their “Cannon”, Tampines Rovers FC and their “Bambi” 😛 or simply Autobots (Transformers) and their “robot-faced” decal.

Anyways, back to the AW77, once you’ve selected your hooooooooo-deeeee, bring your selected “the chosen one, like finally” and hop your way to the customizing counter to select your patches. Patches are like badges, it represents YOU, what’s YOUR style and lifestyle. So not to worry, be it you’re a hip-hopper, a casual wearer or an office dude (like me, for now), THERE are designs for you. Like seriously. Cutesy designs to grunge-look, you name it.


Now that you have your decals, its time to GET IT ON…the hoodie. You can place your selected decals anywhere on the hoodie EXCEPT:

  • Across the zipper (if not how you want to zip seyy!)
  • Above the  embroidered Nike Swoosh &
  • On the Ribbing (i.e the bit on the wrist part).

Seriously, I was like a kid in a candy store. I took around 20+ min?? to choose my decals and plan where to “paste” them on. Hahaha. Nonetheless, the Nike customizers were cool and patient. If not I think I’ll kena iron instead! *gulps* Believe me, being an “artist” of your own clothes is actually fun. I feel so Project Runway-ish but on a smaller scale. LOL.

STEP 4: Pasting time! Hooray!

Now that the position of the decals are well in placed, thanks to the handy works of the Nike Staff, the hoodie is off to the machine which looks like a printing press. Those chosen decals will be ironed on permanently onto your hoodie. It might take a while depending on the number of decals you have. But major portion of the wait is to let the decals “cool down” so that it will not drop off as you eagerly wear the hoodie when its done.

This part, i feel that you could go around town do some window shopping first as it could take up to 2 hours to get it all swee-swee up and running. The customized hoodie i mean.


Lastly, once your hoodie is made up, its time to hit the streets with the swanky new street wear. You can take it out anytime, anywhere even for your runs at night. As it has a nice fit to your body. Personally, i wear them during work to protect me from my icy tundra-like office environment.

Overall, the whole hoodie customizing experience had been a great & fun one. Ambiance in the Nike Flagship store in Wisma Atria is pretty cool too. AND BOY do they have loads of awesome stuff (you cant get it elsewhere) in the boutique. Go check out the 2 leveled boutique in town, like now. *snaps finger* Now. Ok, if cannot, tomorrow also can. I wanted to get a fully-armed sportsgear, but its sold out! Like WTH?!

All in all, the AW77 has for me, managed to incorporate a casual and fashionable wear with the the sporting element of running. But with Singapore’s humid weather, i would suggest its best to run with it at night. Now i guess, you cant give anymore reasons NOT to train/run at night (because of the cold weather bla bla bla). Hahaha.

Guten tag everyone.

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