Of Rock Walls and Wall Rocks.

An old post, which i thought i’d like to share it with you all. Again. 🙂 

8th November 2010 – Over the Deepavali Holiday (a Friday), i tried a sport which i had so long wanted to all these years – Rock Climbing. No, its not because the French “spiderman”, Alain Robert, was in town to scale the Singapore Flyer but its because the last time i climbed, it was probably back in my secondary school days. That’s a freaking 6 years back! ZOMG! (meaning: ZOH MAI GAWD.) I climbed the rock wall back in Sarimbun Scout camp. A pretty high, say 3-4 storeys high rock wall. Hmmm, but back then, i was small and scrawny and weak, thus i don’t think i managed to scale the whole wall. But now, 6 years on, with much better “equipments”, i think i could do better. Hehehe.

Anyways, i got an invitation to come train and have a fun climb with my friend over in Singapore Poly’s “mini rock wall”. Menacing looking wall. Seriously, the one thing that kinda made me go “PHEW!” is the soft landing pad below (yes, they dont have any ropes as its a short climb). Hahaha! But when you’re UP there, the thought of jumping down on the soft pad is also kinda scary. :S

Anyways, i had a good climb with Jeremy and his friend, Clarence on that day. Being new to the sport, i had to re-learn some guidelines from them. And somehow, Germ didnt make it any easier for me. I had to climb a specific route, with only a few indentions (incuts) and protrusions (bulges) that was “allowed” for me to hold onto with my hands. IT WAS TOUGH! Had it been a “free-for-all” climb, yes, it’s much easier.

But me, being me, i always relish challenges. 😉 I climbed without climbing shoes and was barefoot all the way. Kinda made me feel connected to the rock. I guess, being an Aries star sign, you can say that im a mountain goat. 😛 But for people who are much more hardcore, like Rock Climbing’s your CCA im sure, you’ll need a pair of good climbing shoes. Wondering if Vibrams 5-fingers is any good? Hmmm….

Rock climbing shoes Learnt a few tips and tricks and at the same time, had a good workout. Did a many more climbs and watched in AWE as the other 2 tried a Dynamo? as its called. That is, to pounce from one area of the wall to another. So you’re actually like flying to catch the other protusions available. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! @_@!!! Had a really awesome start to the day. Ended it off with a couple of chin up sets just to get my chin up regime back in shape. Its been month’s since i felt so good on a Friday. On a side note, my partner and I are planning a trip to KL to do some climbs there. Probably, over the weekend, like a Friday-Sunday stint. Hehehe. Any interested parties, seriously, let us know. It will be AWESOME to go for a short getaway climb. You can reach us at whywerunn@gmail.com (RUNN with a double ‘N’). Looking forward to hear from anyone out there. Personally, i have got SO much to learn about this sport. Looking forward to try rock climbing at different places in SG! Yay! Some random photos of the day’s climb.

Oh well, Guten Tag everyone!