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It has been a pretty hectic week for me lately and I felt that once awhile, you know, you give yourself a break from all the hustle and bustle of a sporting lifestyle. Thus, over a simple weekday, I managed to catch the movie -EASY ‘A’. What’s it all about? Read on…

In a clean cut school, Olive Penderghast (played by Emma Stone) told a little white lie to her best friend about losing her virginity over the weekend. What was supposed to be just little lie to satisfy her best friend’s incessant and persistent questions about her tryst (which did not happen) over the weekend became a full blown rumour in the school.

From a simple unknown girl in school, she became the Hester Prynne in “The Scarlet Letter”. And in a society where everyone wanted to be somebody, her school guys started asking Olive for favours to allow them to use her name to tell their friends that they have slept (or in any other way) with her. And yes, she readily accepts those favours because she wants to help the guys (who were sad blokes in their own ways) in school to be somebody. And double Yes, to look cool. Pretty disturbing huh?

What started out as a white lie and a ONE simple favour to her gay friend (to make him look straight and be accepted in the school), it became a spiraling circle of lies that cost her own happiness. Well, that is despite the free vouchers and coupons she received from her “not-so-sexual” favours. Hahaha.

But all in all, this movie goes into the depths of teenage sexual acceptance in this society of ours now and the price one has to pay for losing their “virginity” or not.

With a strong cast of Emma Stone (Zombieland), Penn Padgley (Gossip Girl), Amanda Bynes (Hairspray), Dan Byrd (Cougar Town), Thomas Handen Church (Sandman in Spider-Man 3) & Lisa Kudrow (F.R.I.E.N.D.S), you can expect a lot of awesome comedy drama coupled with great one liners.

The whole cinema was practically, bursting with laughter from the antics of Olive and her friends. Not forgetting from her seriously, awesome and witty mom & dad played by Patricia Clarkson (Vicky Christina Barcelona) & Stanley Tucci (The devil wears Prada). The parents were soooo cool and sometimes makes me wish I had one like them.

With great cinematography and cast, “Easy A” has got to be one of my favourite movies of this year. A blend of fun and laughter and a pinch of heartwarming to drive across a message of sexuality issues, you can say that “Easy A” has certainly, hit MY spot. Well, the funny bone spot at least. Now what were you thinking?

Go catch the movie tiger. Grrr…reow!

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