1,336 steps to an awesome HIGH!

Its been a week plus since i took part in a public event. But i had been filling my time up with other activities to keep this heart young at heart (and hopefully, ageless too. :P). I dont really know about most people and their quest for sporting habits or hobbies, but for me, i really need to get my body into some sort of activity. I hate being stagnant. Gaaah!

Anyways, last last week’s Sunday had been a memorable one. It was the first time i participated in an event which requires me NOT to run horizontally on the ground BUT instead, VERTICALLY! Yeah, im talking about the THE SWISSOTEL VERTICAL MARATHON 2010! Hehehehe!

Many donkey years back, when the event was already up and running, i always felt intimidated by the thought of running UP 73 floors. I mean, seriously, for a person who lives on the 2nd floor, 73 floors is like 36 TIMES the height and steps needed to reach the end point. Gaaaah! “Its madness” i told myself. “There’s always lift what…if you wanna reach the top of a building.”

However, ever since i picked up running, i realised that the thrill of “scaling new heights” (pun intended) in running, turns me on. From normal road runs, to trail runs…whats next? How bout Vertical Runs then? THAT, would be challenging. Coincidentally, i was given the opportunity to take part in it. I GRABBED IT STRAIGHT! Thus, that was how i started my first inception (chey chey) into The Swissotel Vertical Marathon. And here is my  story…

21st November 2010 was indeed a tiring day for me. Knowing that i would have the run today, i still went ahead and took part in the NTUC’s U SPORTS – Nite On Wheels (cycling 55km “around” Singapore) the night before. Read more about it HERE!

I reached the hotel pretty early in the morning with only so little sleep, but i’m very amazed at the number of participants and supporters already present there. I guess they were already starting THEIR race. Nice cool weather, not too hot, it was a perfect start to the day! Collected my RacePack and i was soooo roaring to go, but had to wait for my “Category“‘s turn. Anyways, the race pack was pretty cool. Fiery red race tee and shoe bag which is amazingly huge inside! Packed with loads of goodies too! Hehehe!

While waiting for my turn, i rested somewhere outside of the “resting point” and i saw 2 things which made me go “WOW! This is SO going into my blog!”. Hahaha.

First: A Caucasian man preparing pancakes on the sidewalk for his Barclay’s Team who took part in the event. You gotta admit, it takes real courage AND awesome cooking skills to prepare pancakes with fruits and maple syrup on the sidewalks of Singapore. Jealous much! ;( Why no one make for meeeeee?!

Second: I met a man who had 2 prosthetic legs, but very eager to climb up and conquer the 1,336 steps. I plucked up my courage and decided to talk to him and find out more about him. Yes, he is none other than Dwayne Fernandes from Sydney, Australia! Managed to get a short mini-interview with him! YAY! To watch the vid, click HERE!

Anyways anyways, haha, when it was about my turn to race up the steps of glory :P, i was feeling kinda nervous. I kept telling myself that “If my female friend who didnt train for it and completed it in 20min + able to take photos along the way, i should be OK.”. I was sipping RedBull and eating some “energy sweet” to psyched me up. Hohoho.

When it was me and my partner’s turn to race up the stairs, somehow, all the nervousness and butterflies in the tummy disappeared. I feel like a poem coming up! Here we go! I hate boring blogs so im gonna blog about it – POEM STYLE. Yeah!

My Swissotel Vertical Marathon Experience Poem

So i ran. And ran.

Like a GingerBreadman;

The 1st few steps were easy.

The first 10 floors, then the next 10.

And HEY! I’m already on the 20.

Fatigue kicked in at the 30th floor,

I saw people puking at the door.

O-M-G, G-M-O;

43 more floors to go! Oh no!

I kept on walking,

Kept on stepping,

I had to finish this tiring tiring thing.

And before i knew it,

I almost made it.

I could hear the people cheering.Yay!

From the 30 to the 40,

The 50 then to the 60,

I could almost smell the 73.

As i reached the 73,

Got people many many.

And they were cheering for me.

I felt so happy

as i crossed the FINISH LINE

I jumped, and it was sublime.

The view was awesome, though it was hot and windy.

And i had made loads of friends.

The feeling euphoric, my mind ecstatic

And thats how my story went.



  • The Swissotel stands at 226m tall.
  • Participants would have to climb 1,336 steps of Singapore’s Swissotel to get to the top
  • 73 Floors. No joke.
  • Imbar timing and race champion: Thomas Dold who finished in a time of 6 minutes 51 seconds. I completed mine in 15min. 😛
  • My new found friend, Dwayne Fernandes finished his race in the Men’s Ultimate Championship category in a time of 18 minutes 21 seconds.

Till next year’s event, Guten Tag! 🙂

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