The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010: The Spectator Experience (Part 1)

So its been 5 days since the marquee running event in Singapore has passed. Yes, im talking about The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) 2010 that was held last Sunday, 5th December 2010. Although i didnt managed to take part in the marathon like the other ~60,000 people did,  i had to be there for 2 reasons – To soak in the (sweat-smelling) atmosphere of the race of the year AND To also support my partner, Haffiz Legend who’ll be running his 7th marathon in all and his 4th SCSM thus far.

Anyways, the morning started out, well, very early for me. Having been in town the night before and watching a midnight movie to keep my buddy runner company, we found ourselves practically up and about, roaming the not-so-silent streets of Orchard Road at around 3 in the morning. Found a McDonalds at Heeren and settled down for MY measly breakfast (1 McChicken only) while Haffiz went on to SUIT UP! to his running tights and gear. Took him about half an hour to get ready and looking all Metal Gear Solid less the weapons and solid part. Haha! Mainly because he was wearing tights and tight fitting top with a hydration pack which made him look kinda Navy Seal like. Okay, thats not the point.

Back to the point, once all was settled, we made our way to Wheelock Place where the baggage deposit area was held at. It was jam packed i tell you! Kinda looked like some mass gathering for a gig/concert. People were queing up blindly following which ever line that looked like a queue. I was telling myself, if suddenly one of the lines is to Q up for the loo, they would prolly curse and swear when they’ve come to realisation.

WHICH brings me to my next point of the portable toilets set up at the baggage area. SERIOUSLY, what were the organizers thinking setting up 4 toilets to accommodate 20,000 people! Even if let’s say its for 1000 people, but YUCKS! *shudders at the thought of the amount of filth stored in each cubicle* =S

By then it was pretty “late” i must say. 0500H was the flag off time for the 42km competitive marathon however, Haffiz and i settled the baggage ard that time too. Woah! Good luck to those who were still queuing up i’d say.

Had better crowd control and more portable toilet been around, the sibeh long Q and time lost would and could have been averted. Also, i must add, that more signs could be placed to direct runners to the baggage deposit area as when we were at the TANGS-ORCHARD MRT underpass, i could still see many runners carrying their bags heading towards the start point. I mean, IF they’re planning to run with a tote bag the whole of 42km, then im sorry, MY BAD. But logically speaking, i doubt so. And that they prolly lost their way in finding the baggage area. NOT to mention, LUCKILY, we met a runner, who’s with PACESETTERS from Malaysia who didnt know where Anguilla Street is.

Well, that’s that then for Part 1 of my The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010: The Spectator Experience. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming right up. Thats where the action begins. 😉