The Carl Lewis Experience

You know what? Its been soooo long since i wanted to share this really awesome experience with y’all. I must say, work has been pretty harsh on me. What to do? Need money, have to work lorh. It has been taking up most of my time lately and whatnots. Oh well, now, that i got myself a spankin’ new laptop, i now can blog almost anywhere (where there’s connection) anytime. 🙂

Anyways, on 5th December, coinciding with the SCSM 2010, was the special appearance by an Olympic legend – Frederick Carlton Lewis. BEST KNOWN as track legend, Carl Lewis. Booyah! I must admit that i’ve heard stories about him back in my schooling days. He, alongside people like Ben Johnson, Justin Gatlin, Usain Bolt were  pretty much the talk of the town for the 100m event. But of course, some werent really “clean”. Hahaha!

Carl Lewis was really cool. Although its been 10 years+ since he was in his peak form, i must say that his physique was still amazing. Toned, muscular and fit-looking, no wonder he was named the Olympic Athlete of the Century, World Athlete of the Year (3 times) & US Athlete of the Year (7 times)! ZOMG!

Daym! Those arms!

He arrived at the Wisma Atria’s Nike Boutique with a barrage of people, staffs and a bodyguard (who i find pretty irritating at times. Geez.). Well anyways, the reason why he came to the Boutique was to present the present the Nike City 10K SG vs KL Challenge donation of US$30,000 to the Singapore Children’s Society. Because, we SINGAPOREANS won the Nike City 10K SG vs KL Challenge. I guess being KIASU has made us stamina-cally fitter. 😛

Anyways, i must say that being up close and somewhat personal with an International Olympic Athlete was really an awesome experience.  He took photographs with the guests and staffs and also left his footprints in the store. Like literally. He made an impression in a clay tablet that he later signed it as well. Kinda like the palm print in those Hollywood Stars but for the sporting scene, we use feet! Nice huh!

carl lewis

Anyways, if you were to drop by the Nike Singapore Wisma Atria‘s boutique from the 1st floor, you would have noticed the “long jump” like design on the floor. THAT, whole distance is the distance that Carl Lewis flew in the 1991 Olympics Long Jump. A-to the-MAZING! Its a scary thought of how he or ANYONE, for that matter, could actually jump that far. :S

All in all, from his arrival to the autograph session in the boutique had been a memorable one. My fav part was the short sharing he had with us all and when asked “How he set himself to win those many medals?” , Carl Lewis simply replied – “Worry about your performance and the medals will take care of itself.”

Nicely said. This is so gonna be my FB status!

P.S, Carl Lewis’s Personal Bestest tees are up for grabs in the store too! I got a white 8.87m with the GOLD Nike logo! Did i mention i got his autograph too? Nyehehehe! Now, this tee jut became LEGEND…wait for it…DARY!

Till next time, Guten Tag!

(Photos from Nike Wisma Atria’s FB page. I would have loved to use my photos i took for the event but sadly, it wasnt as fantastic. Thanks ah to those people who stood in front of me while i tried to take them photos! >;( )

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