The Nike+ GPS app for iPhone

Last month i was informed that Nike will be unveiling the Nike+ GPS app for iPhone towards the end of the awesome 2010 year. I must admit that i was relieved that Nike finally created an iPhone app for their Nike+ Sports band. Their idea of allowing runners to track and monitor their runs on the Sports ID Band was a pretty rad idea however i find it kinda troublesome at times to have to plug in the Sports ID Band USB into the computer to get it synced. 😦 Since majority of people are hooking and syncing things up to the iPhones, this new app serves to take the idea of monitoring your runs to a whole new different mile. 😉

With 8 different languages to suit the ever affluent global speaking Singaporeans, have no fear if you would like to further improve on your French, Chinese (Simple), Chinese (Traditional), German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (text only/English voiceover), and Spanish tongues.

Some of the interesting features of the App:

1) Run Anywhere: From indoor to outdoor, track to treadmill, this new app combines the power of GPS technology with an accelerometer to map and track a run from anywhere. Even if the GPS signal is not available, the accelerometer will allow the user to continue to track pace, distance, time and calories-burned.

What this means for you Singaporeans: Whether you’re on the Red line, the Yellow line or the Green line which often than not gives us very bad reception on the 3G connection, you’ll still be able to monitor your runs nonetheless. This is even more useful when you’re doing trail running in the “forests & hills” of Singapore.

2) Map Your Runs: GPS technology allows runners to keep track all of their routes including a breakdown of pace and distance at different points during a run. Runners can even tap the screen during a run to see their current location.

What this means for you Singaporeans: Us being Singaporeans, we like to be served here and there and thus with this feature, you can sit back, relax and be rest assured that there’s someone who will do the maths for you.

3) Challenge Yourself: The “Challenge Me” feature allows runners to challenge themselves to run farther, faster, or longer than a previous run already logged. The app will also track run history to be able to personalize challenges.

What this means for you Singaporeans: We complain about competing with foreigners in most sectors. So fight no more with them and challenge yourself. For the runs that is.

4) Stay Connected: Runners can wirelessly connect with after each run to instantly save the run and share it with friends via the site, Twitter, or Facebook. In addition, they can view their progress on goals, participate in running challenges and download coaching programs.

What this means for you Singaporeans: What better way to motivate yourself to run faster, better, stronger than to have your FB & Twitter friends mock your ridiculously slow timings for your runs. Now you got something to prove.

5) Stay Motivated: Runners receive motivating messages from top athletes and celebrities when specific customized goals are achieved, challenges are won, or when a personal best is achieved. Runners can also tap the iPhone screen to receive in-run feedback.

What this means for you Singaporeans: One of the closest ways you can be “close” to a celebrity. What up!

With a clean interface and welcoming screen, it is very easy to navigate your way round the app. Idiot proof much i must say. I particularly like the idea of being able to set your own PowerSongs.For me, i had House  and R&B music with a lil of HipHop as my PowerSongs. \m/ Also i was able to select the Voice Type for the cheer. Guys would definitely select the female voice. I mean, who wouldnt? 😛 Hahahaha! lastly, one could set the distance and/or the time for the motivational cheer to kick in during the run. 🙂 Naice!

Downside of this app:

  • Its built for iPhone users (Yeah, we rock!) so far.
  • It costs US$1.99 for the app.
  • Go and register and create an account with Nike+. (takes only 2min though)
  • You may need to get the iPhone/iPod arm-band as well so that u can strap it to your arm.

All in all, i feel that this app is pretty awesome. So much till it garnered the accolade of TIME’s Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2010 (click HERE for more info) to Makes your running experience more fun and interesting. Plus no hassle of checking your watch most times just to check how fast or steady you’ve been running. With plenty of runs and races coming right up this year of 2011, runners may consider downloading this app into their iPhones. At US$1.99 for permanent download from the Apple Store, its a cheap investment to have a new feel, thrill and running buddy during your runs.

Have yet to run with it. But stay tuned yaw.

Till next time, Guten Tag!


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