OMY: Fair Game movie review

As usual, on  a low key no training or events month, i would pamper myself to a movie or two. And i must say that its been a privilege to be able to snap up the sneak peak premier of the movie Fair Game courtesy of With the movie supposedly starting at 1900H,  i had quite a hard time finding a parking place as well as Shaw Centre (which turns out to be right next to Shaw Lido -__-” ) the place where the movie screening was to be held. I had to run around here and there and i must say that i could have prolly covered 2.4km with all that running about. 😛

With a movie title like FAIR GAME, one might think its some sports related movie OR court-room drama ala Law & Order. However, as i sat in for the movie much longer, i couldnt help but to sit up right and fixed my attention to the screen. Cause I soon realised that Fair Game was more than just a movie. It was a movie about the truth of the Iraq War.

Firstly, Fair Game brings us back to the post-Iraq war period of 2002-2003. Based on a true story of a CIA operative, Valerie Plame (played by Naomi Watts, from King Kong) who was covering a series of investigations based on the reports/intelligence that Iraq was receiving nuclear-making arms. Despite her intensive investigations with the help of her husband, Joseph Wilson (Sean Penn) who was a businessman cum ambassador to an African nation, the findings weren’t accepted by “higher order”. I must say that a lot of political events influenced the flow of the findings and reports.

The drama starts when America declared war on Iraq based on their reports which were fabricated and not true. This made the husband wrote in to the press and presented his findings. Well, no candy for guessing what happens next aye? 😉 The White House, immediately retaliated and someone from inside leaked highly classified info that Valerie Plame is a CIA agent in the field.

Valerie lost her post as team leader in the field and her family started receiving death threats. Her overseas contacts, her life were compromised. To make matters worst, she was not allowed to get back to her Iraqi contacts whom she had promised, to get them out of Iraq. I must say that, it was a very sad part of the movie as lives were at stake yet, she couldnt do anything about it. 😥

Not wanting to spoil the rest of the movie, i must say that if you’re into politics and/or looking for a really gripping movie THIS IS the movie for you. Then again, even if you are NOT into politics and all, this movie still rocks. Forget about horror movies, korean movies or lovey-dovey ones as Fair Game brings about  a story of how the mix of INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE (who wants to save face) and the MEDIA could actually start a war (pun intended) with a few good men & women.

With exception to big fights like Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather or Manchester United VS Liverpool, no fight could get any bigger than The White House VS a couple of truth-finders/whistle-blowers. Who wins? I’ll let you watch it yourself.

Thing is, are you game enough to find out the truth?

Overall Rating:  out of 5.



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