Follow Up review of the Nike LunarGlide+ 2 & Vibram KSO TrekSport


The Nike LunarGlide+ 2:

The LunarGlide+ 2

🙂 UPSIDE: After using the shoe for about 3 months and covering quite a substantial distance on the shoe, i must say that overall, it has been a nice shoe to wear in terms of comfort-wise. With a good amount of padding and comfortable inner sole in place, using the shoe for non-running events and day-to-day walk was great too.

As for running, the fairly thick soles of the shoe makes landing on the heel-side, how do i put it… less shocking and minimizes the impact on the feet. As i once mentioned, i could feel the cushioning of the material as i ran. Trail running with the LunarGlide+ 2 was nothing fantastic i must admit. At least it provided a good grip on the terrain as well as the feet. Design wise, it comes in many colours and colour combi which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Clean cut lines makes the shoe look simple, yet stylish.

😦 DOWNSIDE: However, what i find strange for such a “comfort bearing” running shoe is that the shoe seems to absorb a lot of heat from the ground after sometime of running under the morning sun. I could actually feel the heat on the soles of my feet. Hmmm… This is just me, sharing my experience with the LunarGlide+ 2 as layman as possible. Also, personally, i find it pretty chunky.  As in the overall shoe. maybe its the colour or something. =/ Its just me. Hahaha!

The Lunarglide+ 2 seems somewhat bigger aye? o_O

Comfort & fit: 4.2/5

Aesthetic: 4.1/5

Price (value for money): 3.7/5

Performance: 3.9/5

Overall: 4.0/5

Final say:

The LunarGlide+2 scores high on it technological aspects (being able to track your runs with the insertion of the ID Sports Band) as well as the wide array of colour choices to suit your running mood. Also, its comfort and cushioning is a plus point. Nice to run with and at times, it feels like you’re running on some spongey material. *boink boink* 🙂

Priced at $189 it is rather affordable for many who are looking to pick up running as a leisure sport. Since my gripe on the “heaty” feeling of the soles, i reckon that new runners (who wouldnt run very long distance at the start) will find it good enough for their “first shoe”. Not really for very long distance (21km)  or more. Hmmm hmmm…. :/



The Vibram KSO TrekSport:

Vibram KSO TrekSport

Hmmm, with all the hype of the barefoot running/walking, i decided to take it to the next level – trekking and water sport. I have used the shoe for running, walking, swimming, rock climbing, trail running, strongman training, river-trekking and….soccer. I was afraid that the thin upper material of the TrekSport might tear due to all the activities i use it for. However, it lasted…well until i played soccer with it. 😛 The upper big-toe area kinda teared a bit. But i believe it can be sewn back lah.

🙂 UPSIDE: Grip of the TrekSport on solid ground, mild-watered terrain and rock wall was awesome. Soccer even. The ball control was smoother and more control on the juggling. It gave a really good feel of ground that i was in/on. Using it for rock climbing was naice as your “toes” get to “feel” the crevices and footholds. Climbing with Vibrams was FUNNNNN!

😦 DOWNSIDE: However, when it came to water sport OR river-trekking, the grip was a let down. I would have rather used my barefeet to climb and trek along the wet rocks and boulders. And also, the due to the thin material, i experienced first hand that it cant take much pressure on the top side (eg. kicking a soccer ball). Not to mention that the elasticity of the sides didnt do its job properly. KSO the abbreviation of “Keep Stuff Out” well, didnt really keep the tiny rocks and sand out as i trekked in the river or run on sandy grounds. Sad. Had to take off the shoe and “Kick” Sand Out instead. 😦

Also, i DO NOT recommend the use of this shoe in cold weather training as minimal protection to the feet makes you get cold feet (literally). And prolong usage of it needs some time to get used to it as your feet might feel pretty sticky due to the absence of socks.

The tear at the toe part. Haiyaaa~!

Comfort & fit: 4.0/5

Aesthetic: 3.5/5

Price (value for money): 3.5/5

Performance: 4.3/5

Overall: 3.8/5

Final Say:

The Vibram KSO TrekSport is a nice shoe (or “sock” as some would call it) to run with. Its major plus points is the performance and tight fit of the feel of barefoot running. Noetheless, it takes some time and gradual training with the shoe to get use to it. READ: My KSO TrekSport Review.

However at a price of $209, it might seem a little pricey for those who wish to have a shoe which can serve BOTH casual wear as well as sporting/running functions. I mean, you will get a lot of stares from passersby and weird looks. Unless you’re okay with that then i must say the KSO TrekSport is one neat shoe to get your hands (or feet) on.

Review brought to you by Why We Run Network.


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