Training with KettleBells

You know, sometimes you have one of those days which you feel it’s time to do something about your body. Be it from being fat and unhealthy to being lean and fit OR from being skinny and scrawny to being all muscular and lean. We all want to and dream of that perfect bod that we have envisioned for ourselves. Personally for me, my idol is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean, on top of the fact that he has a killer hot bod that caused Emporio Armani to replace David Beckham with him, he also has immense stamina, strength and pace. I also heard that he is being trained by Usain Bolt (the world’s fastest man)! Now this man, is indeed a SUPER TOP athlete.

And this is some OLD photo of the Ronaldo when he was younger.

Anyways, i had always been using dumbells and what nots in the Singapore Sports Council gyms. For a good 4-5 years i was learning the tricks of the gym trade. From dumbell curls to smith machines slowly moving up to free weights and bench presses, All the gym work has indeed helped me a lot in growing my body. However, i was introduced to this new form of equipment and training called The Kettlebell. Shaped like a cannonball (or some girls say bowling ball) with a handle at a top. Kinda like those you find on kettles. thus the name suggests i guess.

Ain’t your little teapots to hear you shout. Turn it over and pour it all out. Your energy and muscles i mean.

Back in 2009 i have heard of such training-with-kettlebell stuff and all. But was like many Singaporeans, comfortable with the “training regime and weights” in the gym. Thus i didnt quite thought about it too much till in somewhere in June 2010 i ACTUALLY did one kettlebell session with a machine named David. Okay, im just kidding. He’s no machine but he is freaking lean and powerful! But just one short session of kettlebelling doing all kinds of movements made me sweat (AT NIGHT). “My Gawd!” i told myself. THIS IS ONE SHIT (the good shit) I MUST CHECK IT OUT!

I did a little Googling and found out that KB (short form for KettleBells) is useful and beneficial in many ways. Some sites have more claims but i decided to use the major 7 that is shared and posted by many. (Cut & paste from They are:

  1. Can be used for proper muscle development for any sport or athletic activity
  2. Combines development of strength and flexibility
  3. Provides overall muscle development
  4. Improves grip strength
  5. Improves fat to lean mass ratio
  6. Defines physique
  7. Expands stamina


Lance Armstrong may not be my Major sports Idol, but his body sure packs a punch! Daym!

Well fast forward to today, i have been training with BOTH free weights as well as with KBs. Though you cant really find kettlebells in public gyms (not too sure of private ones though), i have been training with SG Titans where they provide quality and international standard KBs. Coupled with some strongman training regime/exercises available, like lifting tyres and farmer’s walk, i must say im INDEED loving the NEW and UNIQUE experiences training with such great you-cant-find-it-elsewhere equipments but even better mentors and friends that i have made all these months.

I’m still considered a newbie to the KB & Strongman planet and have loads of things to learn (AND SHARE) with everyone who’s anyone. I personally believe that KBs can be done with whatever other exercises or trainings you already have for yourself as it further improves your flexibility and strengthens your core muscles even more. I must say that i havent really morphed into a C. Ronaldo body-lookalike YET just by doing KB alone. However, like i mentioned, the support im getting from SG Titans is really great. Being in the company of like-minded fitness enthusiasts motivates me even more. From poly students to personal trainers to even doctors gather together to train. Even best of all, ITS FREE.

Click picture to enlarge

In conclusion, KB training has been useful for me. With very different movement from carrying a free weight, it works on some parts of the muscle groups that you would not have worked on OR miss while doing the typical gym stuffs. However, do take note, as it is a relatively new set of equipment one has to gradually slowly up the weights and go for a couple of trainings with experienced and qualified trainers (available at SG Titans) to get the technique right so as to not injure yourself. With a stronger body, we can definitely do much stuffs…

For guys, it couldn’t get any sexier than giving your mum a helping hand(s) carrying those heavy groceries from the market or carrying a baby with ease. Girls confirm dig it! And as for girls, a flat and lean tummy and arms would set you on par with the likes of Jessica Alba and those Victoria Secret models. Woots! ;P

Now what can i say? Let’s get out there and TRAIN!

For more info on KettleBells and SG Titans, check out:

  2. SG Titans

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