The NIKE Lunar Eclipse+ shoe review

nike lunar eclipse shoe review

To be honest, when i first heard that Nike was launching another pair of LUNAR-esque shoe, i was like, OKAYYY… What Lunar is it gonna be this time round? This was wayy back in Oct-Nov 2010. So when word and info from my “spies” ;P got around telling me that its gonna be the LUNAR ECLIPSE, i IMMEDIATELY went to YouTube to search for the shoe’s specs. I must say that i was curious to know about a shoe that could “think on its own” as claimed in the videos. Pretty exciting much.

Fast forward to January 2011, i got myself a chance to try on the LUNAR ECLIPSE (sadly for 2 weeks only, boohoo). I was so enthusiastic about it that i wore it immediately in the Nike Boutique @ Wisma. Just wanted to get a feel of it. Anyways, first things first, here are some of the low downs on the specs or unique points of the shoes:

1) It got the “BEST DEBUT in December 2010’s issue in Runners’ World Mag. – Particularly its because of the HEEL CLIP at the back of the shoe that’s kinda grips the back of your heel thus giving it an excellent fit while walking/running. What is interesting about the heel is that it acts as a “auto-balancer/stabilizer” too.

Verdict: I must say i was pretty impressed that the HEEL CLIP did made the your feet feel fitted in the shoe nicely. Very different feeling than that of other running shoes where the “fitting feeling” comes primarily just from the sides of the shoe ONLY. With a relatively good amount of cushioning in the sole, and running in the Eclipse is a pleasant experience.

The Heel Clip also acts a stabilizer/balancer to those you are moderate over pronators (that is the foot strides inwards to meet the ground). It is connected underneath the sole of the shoe and acts as a lever. For example, if you were to press more on the inside, the outer side will counter and makes your heel balanced back into position. Thus minimizing the pronation.

Furthermore, the NIKE swoosh emblazoning the heel clip is reflective and looks really neat. Unlike the usual Nike shoes with the Nike logo in the middle of the shoe, this logo is at the hell area (as pictured above). Neat stuff and looks really stylish, to me at least.

šŸ˜¦ However, for me, the first time i took it out for a walk (from the Nike boutique), i could feel a “creaking” spongey springey feel at the back. Rather irritating at first but it slowly went away. Seriously, i have no idea why that feeling came about. :S Technical/mechanical fault maybe? I dont know.

2) The Bottemless carrier – With more runners looking into forefoot running, Nike has somehow (in a less scientific term) cut out a portion of the fore foot sole for its runners to have more “feel”.

Verdict: To me, i dont really feel it as much as i would with my Vibram. A rather ingenious idea i would say but personally, not much effect on the way i ran.

3) The Fly-wire technology Its nothing new to Nike Lunar’s range of design. Created to obtain a light-weight yet strong and flexible piece of material to hold the upper portion of the feet in place, it is often found on Nike’s sports shoes.

Example of The Fly-wire (on the Nike Mercurial Vapor)

Verdict: Personally, i feel its a superb fit, not too tight not too loose and gave awesome support for the top portion. And with the shoe being kinda light and not too bulky, running with the Eclipse does not seem to drag you down. I like non-bulky or heavy shoes as running long distance in them can be a chore and may affect performance. Thus i love this feature the most.


All in all, the Nike Lunar Eclipse has indeed a nice fit to it (thanks to the HEEL CLIP technology on top of its fly-wire mesh). With a shoe that is light-weighted and snugs your feet like a glove, its ideal for running, jogging and everyday use. šŸ™‚ Great support at the back of the heel, really. However, like i mentioned earlier, the downside of it is the squeaky feel when i first started using it. šŸ˜¦

But with a wide range of designs and colour combination to choose from, Nike gives runners the option to choose not only a shoe that is suitable for them but also one that screams a runner’s personality. I particularly like the Dark Grey-Yellow combi as it can suit my everyday casual wear. Anyways, I cant really describe all the colour combi here can i? Check out the stores for more designs.

AND with its retail price of $239 for a pair of Eclipse, i must say that its fairly on the expensive side for a student like me. :S But if you’re looking for a shoe with a nice snug fit, you COULD try this shoe at the Nike stores first and get a feel of the “cupping” feeling at the back of your heel like i mentioned. Walk around with it to get a feel of it i’d say.

Remember, you shouldn’t rush into buying a sports/running shoe. Its gotta give you the right fit. Take your time, but dont take too long. If not by the time you have decided to get one, the race that you signed up for is already over. šŸ˜›

Final say: šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ out of 5

Till the next sports stuffs review and what not, Guten Tag! And to all my CHINESE FRIENDS AND READERS –

Happy LUNAR New Year! ;P

Review brought to you by Why We Run Network.


6 thoughts on “The NIKE Lunar Eclipse+ shoe review

  1. I tried this shoes after which I started developing Lower back pain while running. I immediately switched to Lunar Elite and my back feels better. Do you think this shoes can cause lower back issues for overpronators ?

    • I cant relly put a finger to your back ache nor say that its entire the shoe’s fault. However, what were the conditions and distance of the run whereby you were using the Lunar Eclipse? And are you more of a forefoot, mid-foot or heel striker runner?

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