Choosing the right KettleBell

With many people now taking great interest in training with kettlebells, one has got to know firstly, HOW to choose the right kettlebell for themselves (assuming you’re getting one for yourself). Just like dumbells and other gym equipments, there are many kinds, shapes and designs out there for kettlebells too.

Personally, i have been training kettlebells with the SG Titans @ Woodlands. (check out There, they have many KBs for me to choose and “play” with. And best part, its free + it comes with a group of like-minded fitness enthusiast who’ll guide you along the way doing the techniques and KB moves. Awesome.

There are many other shops and companies out there selling KettleBells, but i would say that KettleBell HIT’s KettleBells are so far one of the best in town. PLUS it comes with a FREE 3 hour training session with a qualified IKFF trainer. Good deal i’d say.

All in all, i hope that for those of you who are looking at different exercise regime (because your old one is no kick) and/or wanting to get new KBs for your training, this video has been a good help. Remember, with all the food and drinks junked down your tummy during the CNY holidays, its time to get whipped back up into shape!




Till next time, Guten Tag! HUAT AH!



(for more info, check out:


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