Rock Climbing Fun!

This climb video was taken some time ago (Nov or Dec 2010?) at Safra Yishun. And yes, we didn’t quite manage to follow up on another climb cause of work/school commitments. Anyways, to be honest, i didnt climb THAT high. Its been quite a while since i last climbed a rock wall (cause all these while i was practicing bouldering to get back into shape for the rock wall). But nonetheless, the hour long activity before the rain came was i would say, pretty awesome. Got my muscle memory kicked back in to play.Yay! 🙂

Safra Yishun boasts a 25m, 15m and 10m rock wall. 1 of only 3 places  that have an over hang.  Pretty neat place i must say. The price ranges from$4 to $15 per usage of the wall. Depending wheter you are a SAC, SAFRA member or just a Walk-In Guest. Don’t forget, you gotta rent the gears too. Such as, the belaying devices, ropes etc. All in all, going with a partner, it’ll cost about $20/pax.  Just to be safe.

Operation hours:
(Non School Holidays)
Tue – Fri: 1pm to 9.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am to 5.30pm

(School Holidays)
Tue – Fri: 9am to 9.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am to 5.30pm

Closed On Mondays, Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year.

For those who are keen in picking up this sport or trying it out, i must say, you have got to have good upper and lower body strength. Not to mention a lil teeny weeny bit fear of heights. Best if you do not have any fear of heights at all. For my first (after so long never climb) climb that day, I was like “DON’T LOOK DOWN, DON’T LOOK DOWN! *looks down* ARRRGGGHH! ZOMG! @#$%! @#$%! I DON’T WANNA DIE. NOT HERE.” kind. Serious. It aint for the faint hearted. But lo and behold, i managed to reach a substantial height before losing my grip and came off the wall. Thank God, Fiz was good with the ropes and i lived to tell this story.

Rock climbing to me, its more than just A sport. Its a sport which requires real determination, strength, agility, flexibility, courage and brains. Why brains? Cause, you gotta know your stuffs like BELAYING, tying a figure-of-eight knot as well as “planning your route”. If you think its just a “Aiyah, i grab that rock, grab this rock and then reach liao!” sport, im sorry to burst your ego/naivety bubble but its NOT what you think it is.

Anyways, a lil update on whats coming up – Why We Run Network will be organising a climb some time in March OR June perhaps. We’re looking to gather a group of seasoned, amateur AND newbies too for a trip to the walls of rock for some rock climbing fun! Could be LOCAL or OVERSEAS. 😛  It’ll be a experiential learning climb as well as a time to get high (pun intended) and make new friends. Do join us aye! When do you think would be a better date? MARCH or JUNE aye? We’ll cater to the masses. We are so democratic yo! Appreciate some suggestions (Do  help complete the POLL at the bottom of the post. Thanks!)

Till next time, Guten Tag!

Astala-Vista Baby

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