The California Fitness’ Love & Sweat Fat Grinding Valentine Weekend Boot Camp (12th & 13th February)

Have FUN with the couple workout, and we’re not talking about the other kind. Whatever that is.


Event Details!!

WHAT: California Fitness LOVE & SWEAT Fat Grinding Fitness Workshop for Couples
WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, February 12 & 13, 2011 2:00 – 5.00 pm
WHERE: California Fitness, Raffles Place Club

In light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, California Fitness is organizing a Love & Sweat Fat Grinding Valentine Weekend Boot Camp this weekend on the 12th & 13th February! Yes i know this might come a little late, but for those of you who is already feeling the pre-guilt of having a nice candle-lit dinner with your other half and topping it all up with some Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream come 14th Feb, THIS would be the “thing” for you. Hahaha! Exercise first, indulge later. 😛 Okay, so not really over stuffing yourself on V-day but yeah, you get the drift.

Best of all, its FREE OF CHARGE…….as long as you bring a partner for the event that is. What. Up. It is an intense 2 and a half hour program has been designed to give a full-body workout with their partner to help them get in shape for some lovin’…of food and what not the next day. In the 2.5 hour program, participants will perform various aerobic conditioning, strength, balance and core stability, including a series of one-minute drills with emphasis on the ab’s, butt and chest. DOUBLE. What. Up.

I mean, girls like their men to have a nice abs and chest while guys on the other hand,  well, most guys we know of, likes their other half to have a nice behind. Perky and nice they say.

Interested couples can RSVP to the event by emailing your full name / IC / contact number / email address and preferred class dates to or call 6302-5380 BY 11th February, evening.


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