Learn more about foot type

What is you’re foot type?

1) Getting a foot print image.

Step 1: Pour a thin layer of water into a shallow pan

Step 2: Wet the sole of your foot

Step4: Step onto a shopping bag or a blank piece of heavy paper.

Step 5: Step off and look down


Observe the shape of your foot and match it with one of the foot types at the bottom of the page. Knowing your foot type is the first step toward finding the right shoe for you. There are 3 different foot types:

1) Normal/ Medium Arch

If you see about half of your arch, you have the most common foot type and are considered a normal pronator. Contrary to popular belief, pronation is a good thing. When the arch collapses inward, this “pronation” absorbs shock

2) Flat/ Collapse (low) Arch

If you see almost your entire footprint, you have a flat foot, which means you’re probably an overpronator. That is, a micro-second after footstrike, your arch collapses inward too much, resulting in excessive foot motion and increasing your risk of injuries.

3) High Arch

If you see just your heel, the ball of your foot, and a thin line on the outside of your foot, you have a high arch, the least common foot type. This means you’re likely an underpronator, or supinator, which can result in too much shock travels up your legs, since your arch doesn’t collapse enough to absorb it.

Cheers! (:


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