The Strongman Challenge 2011

Alrighty, ive been pretty bogged down with school tests and all lately, and first up, sorry for the uber late/stagnant posts. But nonetheless, i managed to attend 2 very exciting events over last weekend. Hehehe!

Well, with all the hype and updates of the Strongman Challenge, well, i’ve gotta BE THERE dont i? So anyways, the Strongman Challenge was held in BRTC Jalan Bahar. You know the SCDF Training academy? Yeah, that place. But somehow, i got kinda mixed up and ended up being at POLICE Home Team Academy and then HOME TEAM NS @ Bukit Batok before getting myself at the right place. Pffft!

The whole layout and setup of the event was simple – 3 different events, side-by-side. Dispatched in details the participants had to complete the obstacles next to each other. I must say that it was an exhilarating performance, even just by watching and supporting by the stands. The amount of grit, strength and perseverance these men have put in to complete the tasks is truly commendable. Somehow, for me, it inspires me to build up on my strength AND stamina even more. Its hardcore i tell you!

The TOP 10 Finalists are selected by the amount of time (in secs) they take to clear all the tasks. Of course its not a back-to-back activity as the  competitors are given some time to rest and recuperate before heading on the other station. 🙂

First up was the Tyre Flipping. Kinda like flipping burger patties at a Ramly Burger stall, but try imagining flipping huge big-ass tyres (weighing 280kg) for like 10+ times or until you cross the finishing line. Which i reckon is around 20m. Now, that is some dope stuff over there. It requires strength from all parts of you body – hands, arms, core muscles, legs and back AND most importantly, the right TECHNIQUE to flip them over.

It took 6 SCDF recruits + 4 Cyclops (eye power) to flip the tyre back into position! Hahahaha!

But with proper training and technique – ITS A ONE (strong) MAN SHOW!

Once done with the flippin’, it was the Red Rhino pull. Same rules apply, competitors had to pull the vehicle (not too sure how heavy it is tho) over the same distance. Now the trick is to get the wheel moving and once thatss done, it pretty much momentum. Well, thats what THEY say.  =S

This is what happens when the COE gets too high.

You want your class 3 license huh? You really want it now?!


Lastly, the final station is the killer. To me at least. Cause its the dreaded FARMER’S WALK. Now, dont you go picturing a happy farmer throwing the seeds in his paddy fields or walking to his apple orchard, plucking apples off the apple trees. This station requires competitors to carry 100KG ON EACH SIDE using his hands (not shoulders etc)! THATS 200KG in total! Its like ZOMG!

Dont be fooled, those arent your ordinary scotch tapes.


All in all, its been a pretty fun and exciting experience watching the strong men do what it seems “impossible” to most men. Doesnt mean you hit the gym often and be all beefed up mean you’re surely gonna make it for the event. Trust me, i’ve seen these guys train and i know it requires more than just typical gym work. I am so inspired that i’ve decided to take part in next year’s Strongman Challenge 2012! Lets build some hurting bombs!




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