Cranking up the number of Pull Ups by Aidil Adli

Usually during IPPT/NAPFA we hear groans of men whenever they are being brought to the Pullup bar aside from the track where 2.4km run will be conducted. Whenever Pull ups are being mentioned some will say “oh you need strong muscles”, “oh you need to be light weight” and “oh you need a strong grip”. (PEEEET!!) All assumptions above are false and not totally correct, let me explain the concept behind pull up and then I will guide you through on how to achieve a better pull
up score.

Basically pull up needs you to have all of these you need ‘strong’ muscles; you don’t actually need to a light weight and definitely you need a strong grip. For pull ups it’s really strength over body weight ratio. It’s all about, how you can be able to generate power from your ‘strong’ muscles which could bring yourself up.

Having said that next is how to build the power, this is where I need to explain more. A pull up consist of two movements, first is bring your body halfway and then chin over the bar. For the first part this is where you need to use your back muscles which is more specifically known as Latissimus Dorsi or laymen term is wings (whatever you called it). After that the next phase comes your biceps to actually pull you up so that your chin goes across the bar. So when you do this both simultaneously and walla you got yourself a pull-up.

Here is an exercise which I found it useful and tested it as a Final year project. In a study it is said that isometric training can “increase your muscular strength by 10-22%”. Isometric training or isometric contraction is actually which the muscle fire but there is no movement at a joint. I bet you still don’t understand here is a picture on how to do it. Hold it for 5 seconds; that’s 1 rep. Do about 5 reps.

I hope with this exercise will actually help you crank up your scores it surely did for me and my other test subjects. If you want to know more please visit me at ShapeUp Fitness Page and we can further guide you to an easy A for your Pull Up.


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