Alann’s Nike Shopping Adventure!

Its been really really long since i got to sit down and blog my heart out talk about anything sporty under the sun. Its been a tiring 3 months for me, really. Juggling school assignments, working here and there and also not forgetting my trainings. Haiz…. its really been uber tiring!

Anyways, H’s friend, Alann was about to leave for NZ for his studies and he came to us for opinions on a running cum casual wear shoe. He had wanted to use it for both normal casual wear as well as for his training runs in NZ. Vibram was a NO-GO cause wearing it during a cold weather would prolly freeze his feet to death! xP Salomon was a tad too hardcore for him, so i suggested the Nike Lunar Eclipse (as my feet has been in the shoes before). Deciding on the colour and design over FB Chat was pretty tough and so we decided to meet up at Nike Wisma Atria in town.

Upon reaching the boutique, we wasted no time in heading to Level 1’s running shoes area. Alann narrowed down his choices to the Nike Elite+ 2 and the Nike Free. Gawd, i must say that both designs were really really nice! Spoilt for choice but we cant really buy both shoes so we kinda waited and waited for soooo long for him to try both shoes and walking around with it! Hahaha! TESTING TESTING LORH.

Should i get the Nike Elite+ 2…..?

Or the Nike Free….? =/

After much deliberation and stuff, with me fiddling about with the DSLR, H talking to Rebel Graphics Designer, Azman El Chachos, and like what seemed an eternity, Alann finally made his choice – The Nike Lunar Elite+ 2. I personally, preferred the Nike Free tho. 😛  But oh wells, Alann’s doing the shopping today. Me? Prolly next time. 🙂 Hahaha!

With the numerous designs and colour combis, oh well, i must say that the Nike designs are pretty awesome. Gagagagaga!

We spent like 1 hour probably in the boutique waiting for Alann to pick out his choice, i went upstairs to search for the compression top (but they dont have it there, no size, no colour). So sad right? Apparently, the Nike compression gears are being sold like hot cakes! Always no stock every time i’m there. Or is it maybe im just suay (unlucky)? I really like Nike’s approach to their design on their sports apparels. Making it a fusion of funkiness, yet wear-able (as in not the nonsense high-end designers kind. gawd have you seen such dominatrix-isque shoes?) and at the same time all the colours seem to fuse nicely.  ^_^.\/

I swear on his mind he went something like, “I got them shoes b**tches!”…. Ok, im just guessing. Teehee!

All packed. And ready for New Zealand. :’) So good, the shoe gets to go to NZ, while im still here in SG. Haiz…. -__-” We had a fun day going out for some shoppin’ lovin’. Headed to Starbucks and had dinner before H and i went off to catch a sneak peak of the then-latest movie, err….. i forgot what, but yeah. We caught a movie. Bromance. Oh whaddaheck. Happy reading, peoples! (i know its supposed to be PEOPLE, without the ‘S’) Sheesh.


On an additional note, Nike has launched their new SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION 2011 like a month or 2 ago. Kinda late but i swear i dont have good photos for it. So for those of you who would like to check out the event launch (WHICH IS UBER UNIQUE!) at Naumi Hotel, check out Fay Hokulani’s blog @ ! She has got really awesome pics of the event and whatnots. Check out the upcoming designs too! ZOMG!!  Serious, i was using an iPhone 3GS to take photos. WHAT. THE. HELL.  Yes, i dont have my own camera to take photos with cause (1) Its expensive/costly to get a good cam & (2) To get a good cam its expensive/costly for a student. Nuff said.

Poor lil young me. Seriously, compare my photos to Fay’s. 😛

Or screw it lah, just head over to Nike Wisma Atria and check it out. Gawd, my photos are sooooo….. not bad jugak (also)!



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