Kettlebell H.I.T’s new gym – The Playground

Hellcome to Well.

From a MALE’s Point-Of-View

Hey y’all, first and foremost, its been ages since i had wanted to post about THIS stuff but sadly, time and time again, its always time that i dont seem to have. Juggling school work, work, training and what nots, its frustrating to not be able to find the time to blog. Ok, i admit, FaceBook also did play a part in straying me off course. ;P

Anyways, recently a new gym has sprouted out in SG. And one might think that its your typical California Fitness or Fitness First kinda gym. But NOOOOO… this gym is the Kettlebell H.I.T gym. Also known as The Playground. :S Situated in Turf City (Along Bukit Timah Road, West Side), Devina and I had the privilege to go for their “open house” some time last month and also use its facilities. I must say that its a fitness enthusiast’s delight. With so many racks and free weights and kettlebells and many many more monstrous stuffs IN the gym itself, one cannot help but to feel “HELL YEAH~!” just by looking at the equipments. There are no threadmills or smith machines or EVEN AIRCON in the gym! So rest assured, its CRUNCH TIME! when you step into the gym.

What shall we do today? *rubs hand with glee*

Highlights of The Playground has got to be their focus on “back to basics” kinda training. No machines. Just pure free weights (it works your body more i tell you) and a lot of other awesome stuffs. From GymRings, to sledge hammers to HUGE-A** tyres (the kinds used by Tractors perhaps) and even to Battling Ropes, just to name a few. This is serious stuffs! Cardio, Strength, Power, Agility, Endurance, Toning, Core &  Total body workout is what you can expect when you train over here in the gym.

Its hammer time!

For newbies or people who have never used any of these equipments before, fret not. Cause David (the owner of the gym) and his team of fitness enthusiast trainers will be there to teach you the ropes of the exercises. ;P Friendly people but they are serious when it comes down to training. I mean, if you wanna achieve results, one has got to first be committed right? It is intense, it is hardcore cause thats what gets us the results.

I have been working in my school’s gym, and doing all those basic exercises & workouts in a conventional gym gets (1) Mundane over time and (2) The body will be acclimated to all the typical routine & (3) It is not very dynamic. But over at The Playground, despite having only been there a  few times, doing all those dynamic exercises certainly puts my body to an awesome workout. Mind me, im not exaggerating when i say that. Come on, how often do you get to do dips from GymRings? o_O Your body will SHAKE i tell you! Trying to balance on that stuff is no easy feat. And the tyres, its a helluva total body workout. *phew* Just by blogging about those times i had fun there certainly left me breathless for a moment. Those were good workouts man!

Whoever love this gym, put your hands up!

Simply put, the Kettlebell H.I.T gym – The Playground is AWESOME. Will definitely head down there again (and again and again) when i have the time! 😀

The man with the plan,
From a FEMALE’s Point-Of-View

This is a place where ‘easy’ is no longer sufficient. A family of fitness enthusiasts, having fun together and working towards a better lifestyle. I have been to this place a couple of times before it was completed. Unlike other corporate gyms, this place provides other forms of workouts that do not involves machines (I am not a big fan of weight machine). So we’re going paleo (well almost). Kettlebell H.I.T. has one of the best trainers you could ever hope for. These guys are passionate about fitness and committed to make you stronger and fitter.
Saaaay whuuuut?!

The highlights of this gym are the kettlebell training and strongman implements.
Kettlebell is “a cast iron weight used to perform exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility”. Feel free to google it if you would like to find out more. Haha. Over at Kettlebell H.I.T. has a complete set of kettlebells from the lightest to the heaviest weights suited for different individuals. Now, I am pretty new to kettlebell myself (6 months). I went for a one-day kettlebell training under Marcel Daane and been loving it ever since then. I find myself getting stronger and has better endurance (cardiovascular wise). One small piece of equipment and you can perform any kind of exercises, such as squats, shoulder press, jerks etc. This works especially well for people who do not have the time to spend hours in the gym working those reps. Typical kettlebell workout lasts about 30-45 mins, performed under time or repetitions. Doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it will never get easier (but you will definitely get better 😉

Colourful candies

Strongman implements are held by a bunch of men who know their stuff. Ladies and gentlemen if you think being buffed with six-pax equals to fit/strong, these boys would prove you wrong. Ladies, good news for you as well. You don’t have to take steroids and get big like a man to be strong. It might seem scary at first, but trust me it is addictive. I started strongman implements a few months back and never looked back. Most importantly, results! For me, result is not defined by how skinny or how good you look, but rather how you feel. Such trainings make me feel stronger, and if you actually look at the size of the girls who are passionate about this kind of training, you would never have guessed that they could be that strong. To find out more, visit
So to sum up, dear readers – Kettlebell H.I.T. might not be all sparkling and pretty on the outside, but it is what creates diamond in the rough.
Devina P.

For more information on the classes and exact location, check out:

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