Exclusive preview of the New Balance 890s!


On the 30th of March 2011, New Balance made its exclusive preview of the lightest shoes of its class – RevLite NB890, and I am honored to be invited to experience the lightness of it first hand. As a runner, if running is our weapon, then shoes are our armors. In order to have an enjoyable run, it is important to have a pair of shoes that has a good feedback. As for myself, shoes are really personal. Depending on how your feet land as you run, NB890 does not caters to every individual runner (but hey, there’s not one model that suits perfectly in everyone’s feet).


The new RevLite is suitable for runners with neutral feet, and fellow heel-striker as it has plenty of support at the back of the shoes. People who land forefoot/mid-foot such as myself might find this pair of shoes of not so much of a shock-absorber. However, I have to admit that NB890 is one of the lightest pair of shoes I have ever tried on. Every single stride feels natural and the foot just kicks off by itself one after another. So in comparison, the new RevLite weighs 9.6 oz whereas Nike LunarLite weighs 11.4 oz.

Unfortunately, with limited trial session, I cannot tell you the mileage of the NB890; or write a more accurate review of the shoes. However I will definitely use them to teach my aerobic class!  And what I am looking for is a pair of trainer that will give me maximum support and cushioning due to the nature of the high-impact movements in the class. Until then, so long. Watch out for more updates 🙂

P.S, I’ve already used it for my aerobics class and i prefer to use this shoe for all the high-impact movements (in aerobics) as compared to running. 🙂

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