The TRX Workout

TRX also know as  Total Body Resistance Exercise has been around for quite some time in Singapore. However, not many people have heard of it or if they have, they would not have tried it before. Why? Because it is deemed as “something new” or even a “gimmick” to some skeptics. Oh well, for me, i recently started to use TRX in my workouts over in my school gym and seriously, i feel and see the difference it has made for me. Especially the Tricep Extensions exercise. ITS SO INTENSE! DOUBLE RAINBOW YAW!

Whats the deal with “double rainbow?” you might ask. Well, between me and my gym buddy, lets call him Mr T, Double Rainbow exercises or workouts are simply INTENSE WORKOUTS. We coined it from this video (click HERE to watch and understand). Its like when we see someone does some INTENSE workout, we’d go “Dude, that is so double rainbow man! So intense!”. And we carry on to do our “Hi-five-low-five-punch-it-boomz” handshake…. Okay so i was just idding on the last part. But you get the idea. DOUBLE RAINBOW = SO INTENSE!!

Anyways, back to the topic on TRX, simply put, i got 3 words for it – Freaking. Awesome. Andyougottatryittobelieveit. 

TRX Workout

P.S, when i get more results and updates on this whole TRX stuffs, i will definitely update y’all. And yes, i still havent forgo my love for KettleBells though. Heehee! Will get back for some DOUBLE RAINBOW workout once my exams are over. Like after the 28th of April.

And as Rocky Balboa would say, “Let’s start building some hurting bombs!”


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