2 New Events in Town!

Alright, so i have been busy lately. Like VERY busy. But i have got to know of 2 latest events to hit the streets (and some water) happening this YEAR!

1) First up, we have the SHAPE RUN 2011. An All Women 5km or 10km run held on 24th July 2011, a Sunday. Registrations are up for grabs. From what i could recall, its only available to 10,000 participants? o_O

Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, if you or have any female friends who love to/hate to/addicted to/never ever RUN, well, do let them know of this event and all you ladies out there can run together. Without the uncomfortable feeling of guys oogling at you whatsoever.  ;P

For more info, you can click HERE.


2) Secondly, the next event is the Mega Tri Singapore 2011! A Middle and Long distance triathlon held on 11th September 2011, a Sunday too. Venue of the triathlon would be at East Coast Park, Changi Coast Road.

A short snippet of the event – There are two race distances: long course (2km swim, 102km cycle and 27km run) and middle course (1km swim, 65km cycle and 18km run). It also has relay categories for both these distances. Not bad for a beginner who might think of trying and taking part in their first triathlon aye? 😉

For more info, click HERE.


I hope that with these new updates, it would serve you well to go out there, and register for them (if you are capable physically & financially). Or alternatively, you can check out this year’s list of races/events here at our Singapore Running Calender 2011https://whywerunn.wordpress.com/running-calender/.

Although to some of you, these news might seem like an old news and you’d prefer to find out the latest sports/fitness/race updates like as though its being updated like the SG ELECTIONS instead, im sorry to have disappointed you. I’m sorry, but we just do not have much time on  our hands to update it 24/7. 😦

All in all, remember to ALWAYS go for a short workout/run at least once a week if you’re really that very busy. Make sports a part of your lifestyle as it has done for me and the rest of my team.

P.S, For more awesome reads and/or updates on the latest races, do SUBSCRIBE to us or as i would like to call it – Sports Suit YOU Up! Link is on the left side. 🙂 


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