Nike Free+ 2 Sneak Peaks @ Hort Park!

The Nike Free+ 2 Experience

The Nike Free+ 2 “Classroom”

The Nike Free+ 2 – For Him (left side) & For Her (right side)

Flexible and Bendable soles give your feet a more natural feel.

Bright and loud colours, light up the day.

Bright Red screams PHEE-WEET!

Tried running barefoot to capture my running style/pressure and compared it when im running with the Nike Free+2…

With the Nike Free+ 2, the pressure by my feet was dissipated evenly and also in terms of landing style, its pretty much the same as when i ran barefoot – thus concluding that the Nike Free+ 2 kinda acts like you running barefoot with adequate protection.


As the Nike Free+ 2 is designed to create a barefoot running feel, i would reckon that one should use the shoe more as a training shoe first, Dont jump straight into running a solid 21km or so with it just yet. 42km? Dont even think about it mate. Use the shoe and clock a good 20% of your latest max run, warming up and getting used to the new feel this “barefoot” feel shoe. I used it for a short 400-500m run with it and i must say that the traction is pretty neat on both concrete as well as the grassy patch. However, the foam/rubber sole of the shoe does feel a little plastic-ky and might not last long like that, but thankfully, Nike has added some Abrasion-Resistant BRS 1000 carbon rubber on strategically placed areas on the sole for enhanced durability.

All in all, the whole Nike Free+ 2 experience or try-out had been pretty cool. With the likes of Mok Ying Ren, Sumiko Tan, Jason Lawrence and Anne Date who are all, super crazy runners, gracing the event, it had been an exciting and fun 2-3 hours of interacting with seasoned runners, meddling and trying out the Nike Free+ 2, as  well as helping myself to some weird miniature finger foods. 😛  This shoe is ideal for runners who wants the strengthening and natural gait management benefits associated with barefoot running without the expense of cushioning, traction, and underfoot protection of a shoe….

…and not to forget a good ol’ fashion statement with its solid and bright colours. Now thats, running with style. 😉

As i didnt get the opportunity to run more and clock substantial mileage to put the shoe to the test (in running, in gym, on treadmills in my strongman trainings), i cant really say that  the shoe is the best “barefoot” shoe around or one that is used for transition mode. However, the shoe does give a nice feel and fit when i wore it around for that good 2-3 hours or so. Then again, different runners have different feet. Oh well. 🙂

Anyways, ou can get your Nike Free+ 2 at Nike Wisma, in Orchard Road. Price wise, it’ll be SGD 169. I would love to get my feet on these pair of babies but sadly, im awaiting to get the Nike5 Gato. Hehehe! Its a street soccer shoe which i feel can double up as my gym shoe and/or my town shoe. Hahahha! People budget lah, dont have so much moolahs to buy shoes here and there. 😛

Nike5 Gato – Street Soccer kickers!

Till next time, Guten Tag!

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