EXERCISE (your right to vote) DAY!

Today, 7th May is a special day. A very special day in fact. Because today, besides the Nike Goddess 5K run happening at 5pm later, more than 2 million Singaporeans will be exercising together as one. Probably the largest number of people exercising together. Yes, today is the day that a selected 2 million Singaporeans from all walks of life, will exercise – EXERCISE THEIR VOTES. Its the Singapore General Election 2011 Polling day y’all! Caught up with the election fever and fervour, i decided to dedicate this post for such a happening occasion. And no, this IS NOT a political blog whatsoever. Im not Xiaxue or Kaykay.

Anyways, if you break down the  whole process, its an intense exercise i must say. Walking to the polling stations and walking back to the bus stop/car/mrt station BURNS YOUR CALORIES! It will force people who are couch potatoes to actually get out of their house and walk to such polling stations to exercise (their votes). Furthermore, the sweltering heat will facilitate in making your sweat (for your country), thus helping you burn those fats (and skin) faster. In fact, i’ve seen some voters with red cheeks! Making you look youthful and pretty (for the ladies).

Waiting and queuing up to vote pumps up the adrenaline throughout your body and standing in the long queues trains your legs. Try not to slouch as it is bad for posture, so stand up firm and straight – trains your core your know. And once you have EXERCISED your vote, you’ll walk back out under the sun heading back home or wherever you choose to go. Knowing that you have had a productive day burning calories and keeping fit. With that, i end my post. If you’re still undecided of who to vote, i hope that the following video will help. 🙂


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