Nike Goddess 5K Race Review

The sun’s blazing but it certainly didn’t do much to evaporate the excitement in the air. Despite the swirling heat, everyone’s faces were beaming with excitement. It was probably a race that attracted the most number of younger casual runners due to the way it was marketed.

Though I am not a big fan of pink, I was impressed by the awesome color scheme of pink and black. If only the running tees were in screaming pink, that would have been perfect!  The feminist banners injected some cheekiness and it was pretty entertaining reading them. This one’s my favorite :

Music’s great though the MCs were just so-so. Does their script only have one sentence ‘running is for girls’ or simply a lack of creativity?  Instead of the non stop gender debate on ‘who does it better’, I thought a few moment’s brief on safety or even race etiquette would have been more useful. Most participants were probably new to races and it might have helped minimize congestion during the race.

I like new routes so this one though short was a nice surprise. Overtaking was difficult given the strong crowd and narrow paths.  Again, a quick reminder for walkers to keep left before the race might have helped the situation. There were ample water points but the helpers at the 1st water station were struggling to fill the cups quickly enough. The cheering was great especially when most could easily give up due to the crazy heat.

There were throngs of girls on the bridge waiting to grab a towel. If only it was a cold towel given out at the end of the bridge that would have been heavenly!  Went on to queue for my most desired 100+, ice mountain and a nice black box which contains…..ahhhh a finisher trophy, NICE…2 thumbs up.

I thought about the other 2 women’s only race and I must say the experience was simply different.

  1. For some reason, I feel like I was 20 years old again. Was it the vibrancy or simply the whole look and feel the organizer intended? Regardless, it just felt good
  2. No more hot sun or muddy fields after the race to collect finisher items. Thank god for that!
  3. More casual participants vs competitive runners than the other races. This is great because this is a start to getting more girls to start running (exercising) and 5K is a very manageable distance
  4. Last but not least, I love the trophy vs some bracelet and is a nice change from medals too.

In addition to a few kinks, I thought the organizer might like to consider having 2 or 3 flag offs for better crowd management if the same route were to be used again next year. Runners may be categorized according to their finishing time and this will allow competitive runners to run their personal best while the casual ones to walk-a-jog at their comfortable pace without being jostled at.

All in all, it was a good race despite the heat and a few hiccups. This is one hell of a hot run with lots of hot babes (literally aka sweating) too. Count me in for the next one!



The Goddess


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