Adidas: King Of The Road (KOTR) Singapore

The Adidas King Of The Road 2011 is running event that covers over 5 countries (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines) and distance totaling 2 marathons! That is 84km. For Singapore’s leg of the race will be held on Saturday, 28th August 2011. Kick off is at 0700H. Thats about 2 months++ from now! Start to train up people!

Flag of point will be at Collyer Quay/Esplanade Bridge (near Fullerton Hotel there) and runners will cover a distance of 16.8km….only. So i’m sure its still a manageable run for many out there. 🙂 And best part – the registrations are still open! Registration is open till the 28th of July or 10,000 runners (which ever is faster). I hope this time, runners will be the slower amongst the 2. 😛

With the finishing line at The Padang, im sure it would be a neat and wonderful feeling to complete a “King of the Road” race at a monumental place. So powerful the meaning and feeling i’d say.

Anyways, the registration cost is only $50. For a pretty “hyped” up event, i feel that $50 is still a reasonable price to pay for a run that’s >15km. I was kinda expecting $60? Prolly $70/pax to be honest. And best part, if you come and register in a group of 10, it’ll be $45/runner. Save $5! (click HERE to register)

The running singlet that’s included in the race pack is pretty nice too. Although its not very fantastically very well designed, it boast a simplistic outlook and with a collection of different colour combination, i guess it gives people some choice of preference to choose form. But who knows the organisers could be feeling a little generous and give out all 3 designs. ;P I WISH! 

I personally like the BLUE-RED and BLUE-GREEN design as i have plenty of RED-WHITE tees/singlet. Im too patriotic uh. Gotta give myself a neat wardrobe change.

Btw, race pack collection is on 12 August 2011, 1100-1900H @ Suntec City Tropics Atrium. Unless any changes comes about, stay tuned.

All in all, being a newbie runner, this is one running event that i am very interested to sign myself up for. 16.8km, a pretty comfortable distance to run and enjoy the “race”.

Well, i’ve already registered for mine. Adidas Running is In. Are you?


P.S, and best part – Tiger Airways is giving 20% discount to runners who wants to fly off to the other 4 KOTR destinations for the race! 

Click for more info!


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