Of MMA and some Kung Fu (Panda) action!

Recently, i met up with a friend who shared a lot of his experience working out and sweating it out at an MMA gym. Ok, MMA, for those who do not understand such abbreviation, stands for MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. Its interesting how MMA teaches combining multi-sports like Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, TKD, Boxing and etc to actually bring down your “opponent”. To be honest, it has been very long since i actually wanted to check out an MMA gym and probably sign up for one too. Ever since Channel 5 showed THE CONTENDER and also the movie –  NEVER BACK DOWN many years back, i kinda got hooked on the Muay Thai and MMA. Its sooooo cool!

Im not trying to be a fighter or something liddat. But i feel that MMA is very very disciplined sport and it trains your physical and mental fitness as a whole. Strength, power, core, flexibility and endurance so needed in an MMA “fight”or sparring session. Its no joke. I had always believed in functionality training and exercises.

But i simply hate the fact that im ever so tied down with financial issues and commitments like school and work/job. *sigh* How i wish i could give that problem a good upper cut and take it  down with a whatever move thats cool out there! Hahaha!

I know a lot of gyms have complimentary passes to their classes to allow newbies or interested individuals try out first before signing up, but im pretty new to this industry, so im just asking, does anyone know whats a value-for-money MMA gym around Singapore? Theres so many gyms to choose from! Does anybody knows a gym which has gives reasonable price for a student and the trainers are great. 🙂 Kinda asking too much am i? Hahaha. But seriously, on a more serious note – MMA is KICK ASS. Like literally.


On a side note, speaking of MMA and martial arts, recently i caught the premier of movie KUNG FU PANDA 2 (3D) @ The Cathay . All thanks to http://www.omy.sg/!

Anyways, the movie is a continuation of a the earlier movie – KUNG FU PANDA and tells of the continuing adventures of Po (the Panda) and his team of Kung Fu experts that compromises of a Tigress, a Monkey, a Stork, a Snake and a Praying Mantis! If you havent caught the earlier movie, you gotta go watch it! Last time, the evil enemy was some brute muscled leopard. But this time, the bad guy, or should i say animal is, you wont believe it – a peacock. Surprise, surprise! Elegant and slim, the “bad guy”this time plans to conquer China by a “secret weapon” which im not gonna reveal to NOT spoil the show for you. 

Kung Fu Panda 2 is ladened with loads of slapstick humour and wordplay and cute cuddly pandas, pigs and other animals. I wont go so much into the synopsis of the storyline but all in all, the movie is simply awesome. With their uber cool fictional “kung fu moves” along with the backdrop of a scenic “olden”China-esque location, its certainly a great movie to catch. Kept me awake despite the fact that i had just ended camp that afternoon. Tired much but the movie certainly made my day!

All in all, the movie has a few morals and teachings behind it. Very heart-warming and also tells of having Never Give Up attitude. As mentioned, its a great show/movie for the kids and parents. And also your date too cause its hilarious much. 🙂

I give  this movie a 4 awesome high kicks! Haaaaaaaiiiiii-yaaaak! *fist pumps* OH YEAH!



4 thoughts on “Of MMA and some Kung Fu (Panda) action!

  1. Well there was MMA ancient times, but it was called Pankration, thanks to the Greeks and yeah it’s coming back in Full circle cause without Pankration there wouldn’t be MMA.

    And reasonable price MMA Gym in SG, well I’m kinda biased on this one, but yeah IMPACT MMA, just pay 56 bucks lifetime fee and students get a 10 % discount out of prices, and yeah unlimited class usages is 368 bucks for 4 months.


  2. Juggernaut Fight Club has qualified instructors and is a fighters gym in a sense they send those who are interested to fight. Whether boxing, Muay Thai, Grappling and MMA. The gym belongs to a friend of mine, Arvind. You can check the website or facebook their page… http://www.juggernautfightclub.com… I don’t train there but my brother does.

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