Recently, like prolly last 2 weeks or so, i got my hands on the latest range of Nike shoes. This time, it isnt a running shoe but its a street soccer shoe. Its the much awaited (since April 2011) Nike5 Gatos! Well, partly why i bought the shoe is because its more affordable than the initial idea of getting another Onitzuka Tigers. Which we all know would cost somewhat between $140-$170? And truth be told, i had bought them Tigers in Taiwan back in 2007. Believe me, Tigers stand the test of time i tell you! 4 years and still wearable!

Well, if you don’t mind the grungy and rugged look that is! ūüėõ

But anyways, besides “being budget”¬†conscious¬†another reason why i got these shoes was because lately, i began getting into the mood of some soccer lovin’ action! And the Gatos were build for some street style kill. Believe me (again), if looks could kill, these shoes have gotta be charged. With uber intricate “touch pads” in a form of soft pyramid-like shape that looks rather 3D-ish from the side, which IS protruding out anyways, the shoe has a pretty neat casual look as well! Its kinda like a shoe for both casual wear AND play!¬†

Its comes in (sadly) 4 colours only. I had expected at least 5 you know. The all-red (which the material is suede) and black-yellow, black-lime green and white-green. So without much of a hesitation, i got myself the White-Green one cause it would go well with my most of my apparels and my sense of dressing.

2 things about the shoe which i personally feel is a plus point is that the heel portion is fitted with Cushlon material which gives extra cushion and comfort for the excessive running and/or daily¬†walkabout¬†with this shoe. Upon initial wearing and walking around with it, i could feel my heel pressing against a softer foam like material underneath the inner sole of the shoe. I did it with a test against another running shoe of mine (not the Tigers) and indeed this “cushlon” is somewhat softer and spongier than that of the other shoe.

Next up would have to be the XDR Rubber soles which stands for “Extra Durable Rubber” i supposed. Cause thats what the Nike staff told me when i asked him about it. With a hardy sole, one can expect to play this shoe in the street soccer courts or even on the road tarmac surface without worrying if the soles are gonna wear out fast. But to be honest, this i have to have more time to test it out and get back to you to confirm. Till then, oh well, what the heck, just wear it lah!

All in all, the shoe’s outer looks is very nice and has a unique inner side design. But one gripe though is that despite getting myself half a size larger than my usual size 9, it feels kinda tight on the sides of my feet. Snug fit is it but its kinda tight at the sides. Too snuggy i guess? Hahaha! Let’s hope that this shoe would “expand” like most shoes and gets better over time. Till then, thats the only downside for this shoe.

In terms of performance wise in playing soccer with it, i have yet to give it a shot. So cant really tell the effectiveness of the “touch pads” etc. But seriously, dont let your equipment be a major factor of your on-pitch, in the gym or your run performance. Performance comes from the mental state of mind of the¬†athlete themselves. The Nike5 Gato is already an awesome shoe, just waiting to be worn and used by the ready and the stylish.

Question is, are you?

The shoe retails at S$119 and is available at Nike Wisma.

Well, thats where i bought it. Heehee!



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