Win a $200 Kit Kat Hamper right here!

Now in light of the Kit Kat’s “Have Yer Big Break” event thats happening around, im giving away a $200 Kit Kat hamper to a lucky reader! yes, $200 worth of those bite sized mini Kit Kats for you to munch on during a well deserved non-workout moment! Or not! 😛

To enter the challenge, Why We Run Network invites you to give your best interpretation of a sporting activity based on the theme of “Have a Break & ….” – You are free to use illustrations, graphics, photos and videos as you deem necessary to construct your photo. All you need to do is to pose with a Kit Kat bar(s) before, during or after your favourite workout/exercise/outdoor activity! Be it Running, Gyming, Rock Climbing, Kayaking or even Cycling, or well, anything that’s sporty, its GOOD TO GO and eligible for the competition!

 Here is a simple example:

Have a break & break a sweat with TRX!

The reader with the most creative photo + photo caption will win the $200 Kit Kat hamper! Its pretty much THAT simple. Really! 😀 So wait no longer and send your photos to (YES! It’s a DOUBLE “N”) fast! Do indicate the subject as “I WANT KIT KAT!”. Include your personal details like Name, Age and contact number so it’ll be easier for me to contact you.

Dateline is on 31st July 2011 @ 2359H. So come on down (feeling a little The Price Is Right here 😛 ) and share your love for sports and active lifestyle with us! Who knows, you might walk away with the $200 Kit Kat hamper aye? 😉

Exciting isn’t it? Send in your entry now!

We would love to see your creative interpretation of taking a break!


Please be acknowledged that you should at ALL point of time take care of your safety first and not carry out a very dangerous “stunt” to pose with the Kit Kat bar(s). Why We Run Network (WWRN) will NOT be held responsible of any injury caused during your participation of capturing that “moment”. 

Also, WWRN will have the rights to post your submitted photos on our posts/tweets and could be published on FB too without your consent. Don’t worry, your personal particulars will be held confidential too!

Please don’t literally BREAK something ayy… unless choppin wood is your favourite pastime! And oh, contest is open to everyone. But collection of prizes will only be in Singapore! 

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any queries. 😀


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