Before you start your fitness regime…

(Article shared by one of our exclusive guest writers – Victor Chan!)


Guys, ever wondered what REALLY made you decide to find out more about fitness?

For me  – I knew I wanted to look sexy with the lights on. It all started back in the days when I was still schooling in polytechnic. I had this really funky hairstyle back then, which often led people to associate me with the famous soccer player Ronaldinho. The difference was (as my mates pointed out to me jokingly one day) Ronaldinho dribbled the ball gracefully with his feet, while I (pointing to my gut), carried it around almost effortlessly. This hit me real hard – not because I handball foul all the time, but I realized how DISGUSTING I looked at that point of time. That is when I decided that I had to do something about it.

Belly sucked in real hard

Fast forward to the present, I look way better than I did back then. People whom I have just met would usually ask me, “You hit the gym quite often right?”. Relatives and friends whom I have not met in awhile will compliment me on how I look. Ultimately, it is not about the amount of compliments that you receive, or how many eye-stares you get from those chicks across the bar. It is about how much you actually love and respect yourself. For the best gift to others, is yourself.

Me on my 21th BirthdayMe on my 21th Birthday
Me on 20/10/10
Most Recent Photo – 11/05/11

So, how do you get started?

Before you even think about putting on those running shoes or signing up for a gym membership, ask yourself these 3 questions:

What is your goal?
How much do you really want that?
How much can you sacrifice?

Know what you really want firstKnow what you really want first

Not everybody has the same definition for fitness. To me, someone who can run 42km without stopping but finds difficulty in replacing the new water dispenser in the office, is not fit. The guy who looks like he can easily flip cars over with one hand but starts panting heavily after the climbing that second fleet of stairs, is not fit. Basic fitness to me, is the ability to perform whatever physical activities that I have to do with ease. It may be flipping a 250kg tyre, it may be running 2.4km under 10 minutes, or simply being able to carry two packs of 10kg rice back home from the supermarket without broken arms.

What is your goal? Do you want to look like a fitness model on the cover of Men’s Health? Do you want to be able to run a marathon under 3 hours? Or do you want to be the strongman that supports a girl on each shoulder? What do YOU really want? And most importantly – Why?

SPARTACUSIs this REALLY what you’re willing to die for?

How much do you really want this? I believe that when someone wants something badly, they will give in their 101% into doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals. If you’re putting in lesser than 100% effort, either you are not ready for it or, you just do not want this enough. You have no time? You will start making time. You do not eat well? You will start eating well. Your other half is hindering your progress? Have a good talk with them or it’s good bye.

People often tell me, they did this and that, they put SO much time into working out, but they are still not achieving what they want. Take a good look at what you are doing now, are you giving up your bad habits? Are you still ‘rewarding’ yourself with that Mega McSpicy after a hard session in the gym? Do you still stay up late watching mindless websites and surfing Facebook when you are supposed to be getting your sleep? You may be putting in effort, but at the same time, are you willing to give up what’s stopping you from progressing?

Now you can go on to find out about what you really want.


In light of this post, i came across an article which tells me that women, in general, are more likely to benefit from an exercise class whereby the fitness instructor emphasizes on the health benefits rather than merely looking good. (Click HERE for the article).

So you wanna be/look like her?

This is interesting as it shows the different drive and desire of men and women in terms of why they workout or go for a run. Men are more fueled by looking great and feeling good about ourselves. While women on the other hand, care more about the health aspects that would benefit them despite having a physical goal in mind. In short, men are have more extrinsic motivation when it comes to fitness while women hold on to a more intrinsic value of it.

I guess what’s important is that we should have a balance of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation when we are on our fitness journey. No point hitting the gym for hours or running for miles but leading an unhealthy lifestyle  (like eating junk/fast food) i’d say. It’s gonna be tough, its gonna be brutal. And for some, its gonna rip that ego apart. 

Are you ready? Are you ready for the change?


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