Hot Sporting Deal of the Week!

Was browsing through Groupon (the site which gives you awesome deals) and chanced upon this interesting sporting deal – a $45 for 4 hours of Outdoor Abseiling and Climbing orientation! Its organized by this group known as The All-Adventure People. Pretty rad name huh?

Climbing has been some of the things that my partner and i have been doing once in a while when we are free. Besides just mainly running and/or working out, climbing is a great activity that one can do with a group of friends. Like what we did back in February 2011 – our Rock Climbing Fun! Or for some, it could be a great couple date too!

And oh, you really need certain technical skills in carrying out the activity just so you know. Checking through our archives (so you dont need to Google them), we did one post on the places that you can climb in Singapore. (click HERE to view the post). But whats good about this Hot Sporting Deal of the Week is that at $45, it covers 2 different climb sports activity – Rock climbing AND Abseiling (the kind you start from the top and rappel down the wall).

Since the equipments are settled for you, its one less hassle to worry about. Not forgetting the trained professional instructors which will guide you through the whole 4 hours of activity! 2 words – What. Up!

All in all, if you’re looking into changing your typical routine of heading to town with friends or heading to botanical garden with your special one, this is an awesome activity which you can do! Just remember to be in your comfortable sporting gear, sunblock :P, water bottle and finally…. an awesome attitude towards a healthier & fitter you.  😀

Some bro moments there…. 


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