A Weight Loss Journey – Difficult but Achievable

(Article shared by our friends at SG TITANS)
I was all along big. The weight kept on increasing especially after I gave birth to my eldest son in 2002. The heaviest that I ever reached was 80 kg in June 2007. I was not active at all during those years.
Sonia 200706 A Weight Loss Journey   Difficult but Achievable
Sonia in June 2007 at 80kg

I even tried to get conceive again but was not successful. Friends and family members advised me to shed some weight. Eventually, a friend of mine introduced me to a weight management doctor and I manage to shed about 15 kg. I was 65 kg. Then, I found myself pregnant. I was so happy with my second pregnancy and ballooned up to 90 kg just before delivery.

After 6 months of delivery, I could not go back to my pre pregnancy weight to 65 kg. I was 74 kg then. I felt depressed as I could not fit in my clothes yet again. Thus, I went back to the weight management doctor again early January 2009. However, I only manage to shed about 2 kg after a month. I was even more depressed.

Sonia 200901 A Weight Loss Journey   Difficult but Achievable
Sonia Jan 2009 at 74kg

In January 2009, my husband, Shaiful, told me about this new workout he heard of at his training ground. He said it will be good for me to start on exercise if I really want to look good. I started laughing when he showed me a 4 kg kettlebell and ask myself what can that bell do for me? I was very apprehensive back then.

He showed me some exercises like swings and squats. Initially, I laughed while doing as I could not see the benefit of kettlebell. As I kept on doing, I can feel that my heart was really pumping hard and I was perspiring as though I was jogging. I kept on doing these two exercises and found myself to be losing even more weight. As my interest in kettlebell increased, I searched for videos on Youtube and even got myself the Kettlebell Goddess DVD by Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC. I was happy with my progress. I changed my diet too. I read some articles about dieting and found that if I want to increase my metabolic rate, I should eat more but smaller portions.

As for the kettlebell workout, I increase my exercise duration from 15 to 30 minutes a day. I did lots of swings and squats. My husband even taught me the core exercises like windmill and Turkish get up. I followed the exercise routine he set for me faithfully. From the DVD, I learnt a few abdominal exercises like the Russian Twist and Slow Kettlebell twist.

Sonia 200912 A Weight Loss Journey   Difficult but Achievable
Sonia Dec 2009 at 54kg

To my surprise, I manage to make my waist even smaller and still losing more weight. I was extremely happy as I could fit in size 10 by July 2009. I was a size 16 in January 2009.
Besides kettlebell, I did join kickboxing class, aerobics class, yoga and went for hike at Bukit Timah with my husband and his group of friends.

Early 2010, my husband advised me to take up kettlebell certification. YES! I took it up and now I am a Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) Level 1. Thanks to him I am what I am today. I owe my success to him and to this “small little iron” the Kettlebell.

Currently, I am doing trainings with the other CKTs at SG Titans in Woodlands. To those who really want to shed those kilos, I would advise you to take up kettlebell as part of your exercise regimen.

Sonia 201001 A Weight Loss Journey   Difficult but Achievable
Sonia Jan 2011 at 52kg

Kettlebell does not only make you lose weight but also it teaches you to be more resilient and enduring especially when you do timed set workout (20 minutes continuous single set).

If you think it is just a piece of metal ball, do think again. You should try it first hand. 😉


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