The Best Lifestyle Blog 2011?

We here at Why We Run Network believe that keeping fit and staying healthy doesnt have to be boring. We have shown that sports and an active lifestyle can be fun! And best of all, it is very easy for it to be a part of YOUR lifestyle too!

This blog is headed by my partners and Iwith additional contributions by our friends, Twitter followers and blog readers – check out the Nike Goddess 5K Race, Humility….a Prized Asset and ShapeUp Fitness. A blog by people, for the people.

We believe that we should share our passion for an active lifestyle and sports. Be it running, climbing, trekking, working out, or your quest to shed that pounds, it has to be fun. Most importantly, we do it cause we love to.

We hope that you will be inspired by our stories and experiences  to adopt an active lifestyle, to make changes to the way we live, in big or small ways.

As said earlier, we have gone the distance providing a new light to lifestyle. Do yourself a favour and vote for us and make that healthy change in your life. And also let’s change the idea of “lifestyle” lifestyle in the blogging world.

Thank you for your support. 🙂

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Yours sincerely,

Nabil R.

(Chief Writer & Editor)

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About singasports

We are a network for sports fans, fitness enthusiasts and health addicts. We share our sporting activities and adventures, promoting the idea of incorporating SPORTS as a LIFESTYLE especially amongst the busy Singaporean. We provide reliable, resourceful and current updates on the latest sporting events & happenings, gears and apparels. Giving you a better informative to making the right decisions. We aim to be a platform for you to voice out your opinions, suggestions, tirades on all things sporty.

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