Have a break & lets learn CPR!

Not so long ago, woke up early in the morning, like around 1100H, got out of bed at 1130H and after a quick round of showering and breakfast, i headed for one of the most ulu places in Singapore (to me at least) – the Serangoon neighbourhood. 😛

Well basically, any estate that falls within the Green Circle is kinda ulu to me. Seriously, not a fan of that area. With their Avenues, Streets, Drive and the North, South, East, West (who is the best?) all rolled up into one estate, its so hard to navigate around the area. Hahaha! Now now, no offence to anyone living there aye!

Anyways, that particular morning, i had to go to a Community Centre at Serangoon North Avenue 4. For what you might ask? Well, its for my Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid Course of course! It was quite a journey i tell you. Coming from the west side, taking LRT, MRT and then bus. And not to forget the short trek up and down the area searching for the CC. Yes, i was late. Well, a lil. 😉

Okay, so it wasnt THIS sexy. But oh well…

Anyways, the course was organized by the CC conducted by the National Resuscitation Council, Singapore. So 2 young medical students were present to impart me and 4 others with the knowledge of life support skills (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid). to be honest, i do know how to do the CPR just that my “license” is expired like 3 times! Once during Secondary school when i was a Scout and the other when i was in NS, as a sergeant for the Singapore Armed Forces.

To be honest, the lessons were, yes, pretty dry and boring. But me being me, inserting some humour and jokes and what not during the lesson kinda lifted the mood i guess. I must say that re-learning CPR was fun. Had to perform the CPR on a dummy. First time, i didnt quite managed to blow enough air into the dummy. Gawd, the dummy’s mouth is so unnatural!

Sadly, the dummy wasnt as pretty as Eugene thought it would be.

CPR is actually very simple. Always remember DR. ABC before performing CPR. Now, DR ABC is an abbreviation for Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing & Circulation! Now, lemme guide you to the steps of CPR!


Prior to any medical aid given, the rescuer ought to check if the surrounding is safe to proceed. Safety first! If the casualty is lying in the middle of the road, its best that we do not perform the CPR on the road. Last thing  you want it you getting banged by a driver who’s not alert. Then again, it depends on the road traffic.


Tap on the casualty’s shoulders to check if they are unconscious or not. It helps to shout “Hello, hello! Are you ok?”. If the casualty isnt responding, shout for help and ask someone to call for ambulance @ 995. This is important as some people might go on and call the police @ 999 instead. Or some smart alec might even try to dial 911. Dude! This aint no CSI: Miami man!


Check the casualty’s airway if there’s any foreign object in it. IF so, dig it out with your pinky finger before performing the CPR. WHY? Try blowing a straw with plasticine stuck inside. ‘Nuff said.


Look, Listen and Feel for the victim’s breath by placing your ear near to their mouth/nose area and check for the rise and fall of the victim’s chest. If there isnt any, proceed on to the next step.


While maintaining head tilt with one hand, feel for cartoid pulse. with 2 fingers. If no pulse, then its CPR time! Compress vertically downwards for about 4-5cm just below the sterum or the point where the rib cages meet (starting from the bottom). And count aloud “1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 10…. all the way till 1& 2 & 3 & 4 & 30“. This is one cycle. Around 2min liddat…

For every one cycle, perform 2 blows into the casualty’s mouth once again. Carry out 5 cycles or till the ambulance arrives. Which ever is earlier. If there is no ambulance, carry on with the CPR. 🙂

Test time. Yes, i was having my Kit Kat while waiting for my turn.

There you go! You’ve just got a brief overview of how to perform the CPR. Particularly useful to everyone i must add. And YES! i passed it with flying colours! Be it you’re a runner, a sports athlete or simply someone who loves chillaxing around in Orchard Road, learning CPR will  do you good! We might think that we dont have to use it or whatever, but when you have a loved one becoming a casualty, it pays to know how to perform CPR. I believe in acquiring skills and knowledge which will come in very handy in times of emergency. Too bad we cant use it on ourselves. 😛

Anyways, that being said, i feel more ready and confident if something were to happen during a run or an exercise if somebody collapses and faints. Oh yeah, the course fee is only $25. $15 if you have the PAssion card thingy. Sadly, i didnt have it. But oh well. 🙂 Glad to bring home something useful anyways. Very useful.

 I’m CPR and First Aid trained! 😀




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