Outdoors: Where relationships are made

I must admit, i do love slouching on the soft comfy sofa watching my favourite TV shows in an air conditioned room or sitting in front of the computer surfing the net, FaceBook-ing and YouTube-ing and all. Dont you all too? 😛 But in me, there lies this, this certain thirst for the outdoors. No, im not talking about strolling around Orchard Road or riding my motorbike out for late night supper. Im talking about THE Outdoors. The wild. Mother Nature. Planet Earth.

Daym! What a view!

To be honest, i’ve been drawn to the outdoors ever since i was a kid, a 9-year old cadet scouts to be exact. Nature has this way of making you go “Oooh” & “Aaahhh” and at times, “Daym! What a view!”. Its one of those things where you may be sitting at home watching the TV program Planet Earth, and once its done, you could be tearing from the vast wonders that the Earth has to offer OR feel like packing up your backpack and fly to that particular spot on the Earth cause you JUST WANNA BE THERE TO SEE IT for yourself. And not on some 42″ Plasma TV.

The World has always been in our hands.

Now when one thinks of trekking in the outdoors, venturing into the wild, there’s one brand that’s synonymous with the outdoors and its gears – yes, its TIMBERLAND. A brand well-known for its  ascension into the rugged footwear industry which created the hiking boots with a rustic chic appeal in them, has now gone a step ahead with their latest action to help protect the Earth from further harm – Timberland Earthkeepers. (Man! That was quite a mouthful to say in one sitting!)

Cultivating this ideology of protecting the Earth in anyways we can be it like the minor act of cycling instead of driving and using energy efficient bulbs, to bigger things like replanting eroded areas and using renewable energy to reduce the burden on our environment, the Timberland Earthkeepers (TE) project IS WORTH FOLLOWING. And of course, by our means, lend a helping hand towards its cause. Save the Earth, Save our lives.

On a side note, checking out cum researching more into their Earthkeeper project, Timberland has started on a “make the desert green back!” kinda project back in 2001. In proper professional term its called Desert Greening. And like i mentioned earlier, they have started one of its community service projects to support greening activities in China’s Horqin Desert that is situated in Inner Mongolia, through Japan based non-profit organisation – GreenNet.

Now now, we all know who is to blame for such deforestation aye? Why no, its NOT Godzilla or Justin Bieber…. then again. But on a more intellectual note, it twas us – humans (+ Justin Bieber) + the over grazing of the land that made Horqin what is now known as Horqin Desert. I wonder, do they have to change the signs on the roads now? Hahaha!

Contrary to popular beliefs, it WAS NOT GODZILLA.

Anyways, since then (2001) TE have planted 1 million trees! YAY! More oxygen! And the Earthkeepers are looking to plant another 2 million more! 2 words for that – What. Up. At the rate that humans are using up this Earth, i really think we should start playing our part in saving the environment 10 years ago. But no worries, its never too late to pick up this Earthkeeper habit i would say. You can start by consuming less plastic bags when purchasing a packet of peanuts and could also start throwing your plastic bottles into the recycling bins around. Its that simple!

As the early American rock climber, Bonnie Prudden once said, “You can’t turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.”.

🙂 🙂 🙂

We here at Why We Run Network, believe that we should not only be focused and engrossed in keeping check on our health & fitness, but at the same time, do our part in keeping check on OUR Earth.  🙂 

We hope that our love of the outdoors and nature’s wonders, at least one of us gets to be part of this great social event to help greenify Horqin Desert. It would definitely be an experience worth sharing with our friends, families and our readers through this site as well. We will RUN, CLIMB, SWIM, KAYAK, CYCLE & LIFT our way through to Horqin! 

We’ll save the Earth, cause we’re superheroes in our own way. That’s Why We Run. That’s how we roll.

“Be a Timberland Earthkeeper and support desert greening in Horqin!”


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