adidas Fitness Academy (aFA) at True Fitness

The adidas Fitness Academy (aFA) is actually held around the world. It consists of the adidas Yoga, adidas Zone Cycling and also adidas Personal Training. I got an opportunity to try them ALL out at True Fitness over in Suntec City last week! First time there actually! Hurhur!

The adidas Yoga class conducted is based on the techniques and methodology of Anusara Yoga, taught by Master Adi who has over 2 decades of yoga teaching experience under his belt. Or should i say that adidas pants. 😛  To be honest, I have had some yoga classes back during my JC time, and so i kinda knew what to expect. But even so, as I tried the yoga, I struggled through some of the moves which almost tested my inflexible body frame. But once the class was over, man! It were gooooood. Very refreshed and all geared up for the next course – the adidas Personal Training.

Master Adi before class. Namaste!

Next was the “dance exercise” conducted by Wendy a master trainer who has been in the industry for over 12 years. At first look, she comes across as your punk-gothic fitness instructor but only decked in singlet and the training tights. You wont believe her age and surprise, surprise – she’s a grandmother too! 😉 Anyways, back to the “dance PT”, it’s a few combination exercise to wear you out – mostly on the legs and core. I feel like I’m in army where I have to do the exercises the instructor told us to do. After 20min of lunges and squats and core exercises, I thought the tough part is over.

No personal Wendy training photo but here is Brent Callaway (in green) – official adidas Global Fitness Coach. 🙂

Lastly, comes to the session which is the zone cycling by Martin. It’s very much like spinning or in layman’s terms – static cycling. I learnt a lot of new things about zonce cycling. From adjusting of the machine to  the 3 different sets/technique of cycling. Zone cycling is the session where I sweated the most and can i say that i could feel my thigh getting tighter. 😛 Once again, 20min was all it took and the rest of the class were struggling. But im happy that my partner and i stood the test of (cycling) time and came out smiling widely and all. Where all refers to hell lot of sweat dripping from our faces and thighs.

Want some Tight thighs?

Adidas had done a good job to cater to the masses in term of fitness. Always looking for ways to cultivate a wholesome affair in terms of sports, the adidas Fitness Academy certainly had been fun and engaging. At the same time got kick-started back into my fitness regime after 10+ days of non-training period due to holidays. All in all, people who are not athlete-like can train like an athlete with adidas Fitness Academy over at any True Fitness gyms. Adidas is ALL IN. Are you?

“Fun” time with the trainers! Post-training shot! Hahaha!

(From left: Shah, Martin, Wendy, Master Adi & some guy 😛 )


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