Quick fixes for your lower back (part 1)

(Article shared by one of our exclusive guest writers – Victor Chan!)

So it’s Monday again and you are back in the office trying to finish that fresh pile of work that your boss has conveniently stacked on your desk. Sitting up straight with a good posture at first, as you type more and more on the keyboard you begin to slouch into your seat like it’s meant to be.

Common Desk Posture
Before you know it, you probably look exactly like this guy.

Now when that happens, your hip flexors get tighten up, your pelvis gets titled forward, pulling your lower back muscles and causing them to be shorten. When you are in that position for an extended period, your lower back starts crying out in pain.

What are these alien-like lingo – Hip Flexors, Pelvis?

Sparing you all the science, the hip flexors are basically a group of muscles that work together to allow your hip to flex, and also allowing you to bring your knee closer to upwards.

The Hip Flexors

The pelvis is basically the basin-shaped structure that joins the spine and lower limbs together.

The Pelvis

Tight hip flexors is not the sole cause for lower back pain, but it is a good place to start fixing the situation. In Part 2 I shall share other solutions to ease your lower back pain. To loosen up those tight hips, you’ve got to perform the kneeling hip flexor stretch.

1. Get into a lunge position, with your forward foot’s shin perpendicular or almost perpendicular to the ground (whichever that is more comfortable)

2. Put your hands on either the side of your hips or your knee, lean forward and stretch those tight hips while keeping your upper body upright and your rear leg on the floor

3. If you feel a stretch in your rear thigh, position your rear leg further back

4. If your knee hurts from the friction, put a towel underneath to ease the pain

5. Try to hold the stretch for 15-30seconds for 3 rounds, gradually working up to a minute

6. Remember to stretch both sides of the hip

Your hip flexors will always get tighten up. There is no one time remedy for this situation. Thus, it is a good practice to stretch your hip flexors on a daily basis. 3 minutes a day to spare you from back pain? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Stay tune for Part 2


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