Something wicked this way comes – Nike LunarGlide+ 3

Step aside magical wands, broomsticks and the evil bad guy with NO nose to wear awesome shades, cause this (wicked news) just in – the Nike LunarGlide+3. Yes, the much anticipated 3rd “installment” of the Nike LunarGlide+ series is making its way in town. Yes, Harry Potter and friends can really kiss goodbye to health and fitness cause the only sports they play is sitting on broomsticks and throw balls or catch a ping-pong sized flying object. One wonders how they actually keep themselves fit. Anyways….. back to the main highlight – The Nike LunarGlide+ 3!

With a couple of changes to the new model, the LunarGlide+ 3 does have aesthetically better design (in my opinion) and colour too! Thank god the design for the men’s shoes are fierce looking. Love the red-green combination! What up! (I’m a man. I’m a visual creature. Can’t blame me for that! :P)

I shall not go any further into the performance and comfort of the shoe (while walking, running or simply gyming in them) just yet as i have yet to personally try them on. However, one cant wait to get my feet in these wicked looking thing! I mean, with the newly designed midfoot strap, bonded no-sew construction (around the toe-box), soft wrap-around heel collar padding,  floating heel-clip & the ultra-soft Lunarlon foam cushionand lastly its longitudinal flex groove (which allows the shoe to flex for natural motion) how not to look forward to the new shoe right?!

I understand that lately, the idea of “barefoot” running or fore foot running seems to be up and coming but i’ve got to be honest and fair here – out there, there are still people who have not made the 100% conversion and/or are into barefoot running idea yet. I must say im not fully converted into a fore foot running style just yet. If there’s any reason for you to want to change and make that conversion, remember – the change in running style doesnt change overnight nor after a mere 5km or 10km mileage. It has gotta be transitional.

In a mother’s layman terms: “Slowly slowly change”. If anyone is looking forward towards that change, well, there is the Nike Free+ 2. 😛

For more info, check out:


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