Step aside Optimus Prime. Say hello to Minimus!

I don’t know about you ladies and gentlemen out there but when i first got a whiff/sight of New Balance’s upcoming range of shoes, i was awestruck by its design. Yes, im referring to the NB Minimus range of shoes which would be retailing in August 2011. The NB Minimus: LGHT + RGHT Barefoot Insprd shoes. What up yo!

No longer the tacky chunky New Balance running shoe designs which to be honest, i hated, the NB Minimus is supposedly small and compact (judging from stolen pictures hahaha!). I hate chunky running shoes like my New Balance running shoes i had back then during my NS days. Already i have skinny legs, having shoes with thick soles and sides made me looked like:

Fido Dido. Cool guy but seriously, too skinny for my liking.

Anyways, back to the main topic of NB Minimus (boy, dont you just love the name? If Optimus Prime has a kid thats just what he’ll call it man!), The Minimus range is broken down into 3 different categories – the NB Minimus Running shoesNB Minimus Trail shoes and the NB Minimus Walking shoes.


Now lets take a look at its specifications and my opinions on some of them (do note that i have NOT gotten a chance to get my feet in them…YET. So this is what i managed to sieve out with some help from Frenzy, my Decepticon robot friend. ;P

Awwww yeah~!

  1. A significantly less drop from heel to forefoot (4 mm in all styles compared to 12.5 mm in traditional athletic shoes).What it means: This gradual drop positions the foot into a more neutral stance and promotes a more natural stride by moving the wearer off their heel and encouraging a mid-foot landing. 
  2. Each shoe uses stretch materials and minimal constructions that reduce weight. (each NB Minimus style in men’s size 9.5 weighs less than 8.5 oz).What it means: Lighter and faster runs. Duhh??
  3. NB Minimus Trail shoes are equipped with Vibram® (from the guys who brought you the Vibram Five Fingers). What it means: Superior traction and durability in trail conditions not forgetting allowing  and an outsole design that is engineered for natural movement and provides off-road durability and traction.
  4. Lower sole unit heights (more natural running posture). What it means: A shoe designed for BOTH road and trail runners who prefer minimal footwear and also serve as a training tool for runners who aspire to change their running gait. 

With Key benefits include strengthening the wearer’s feet and calves, encouraging good form running and walking, and increasing ground feel for better control. I’m wondering if this could be my next running and Strongman shoes to come… Hmmm…

Till the shoe fits, Guten tag!



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