My 1st adiNation 5th Saturday Run

30th July 2011, Saturday, is the first time ever i actually ran around town. Lets not count those paid races/runs around Marina Bay etc. I’m referring to this special running event – held only on the 5th Saturday of a month – The adiNation 5th Saturday Run! The distance wasnt that menacing – it was a good 7km to be exact. Still manageable for new runners i guess. 🙂

Stretching from The Cathay (beside Plaza Singapura) all the way past ION Orchard to Hard Rock Cafe and back to The Cathay. Heck, thats like my Weekend shopping route lah! Always travelling up and down town either window shopping or finding a cheap and nice place to eat. Hurhurhur! (see map below for the race route)

It was 0705H when i reached The Cathay. There was quite a number of people trickling into The Cathay grounds. I did not know where to go to be honest. Hahaha! Wandered for a few minutes before realizing that i had to register myself at the Adidas store on the 2nd floor in The Cathay. To be honest, i didnt expect so many runners to come for the event. But the registration queue stretched all the way from the store to the escalator! One wonders dont they have roti prata breakfast at Jalan Kayu or their nearest kopitiam to go to? This is so unlike the typical Singaporean lifestyle. I guess its good that people are focusing on health before wealth (or prata for that matter). =P

Not the very best of photographs but some came decked in slippers and sandals, others were like really equipped with Saucony tights and running shoes, Newton top and shades. 😉 Hahaha! (inside joke). Anyways, while some munched on the free bananas and bottled water provided by Adidas, some were seen checking out the race route. Afterall, knowing your race route before he run is what i would say is the “race half won” because psychologically we know what to expect/where to run and gauge our speed accordingly. 🙂

 Anyways, i did manage to snap a couple of photos during the “fun” run along Orchard Road. I mean, seriously, you wont catch me running along or around town on a typical weekend or weekday for that matter. But when you run with not 1, not 2, not even 10 runners alike, but 30+ runners, its a totally different feeling! Thank god we started out early at ~0800H so there wasnt many people in town. Mostly tourist who got up early to catch Singapore in its early mornings though. Well, they caught me running too! Lucky them! 😛

All in all, one of the reasons why i ran today was because im training up for Adidas KOTR (Singapore) which will be happening on the 28th of August 2011. AND ITS DURING THE FASTING MONTH! Gaaaah! So you can imagine how much harder it is for me to continue my daily regime of runs, workouts & gym exercises. At least with this run, i managed to gauge my running fitness and thankfully, i’m happy with my run. 🙂

Runners going for the penultimate end-of-year race, the STANDARD CHARTERED SINGAPORE MARATHON 2011 could make use of such “free” fun runs as a part of their trainings! Its definitely better than running alone or running the same route around your house/track. I like to couple my runs with different sorts of workouts and exercises. More of that some other time. 😉

Some of the photos taken pre, during and post run. 🙂

I managed to clock a timing of ~33 min for the 7km route. Pretty decent pace i must say. Yay! The thing about city runs is that traffic lights and road crossings tend to either stop our runs abruptly or slow us down. But oh well, i still think running in town is really fun cause, me, being well aware of the surrounding buildings/shopping malls, i could pace myself better. And the whole route didnt seem “very long”, “far” or boring. Times like these, i must thank my friends who made me walk up and down town during our “towning” days.

The next adiNation 5th Saturday run would prolly be on 29th October 2011.

Adidas is All In. Are you?

Handsome Men Running Club. You in? ;P


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