So you wanna Run in Ramadhan?

Let’s face it people, its August and Ramadhan is here. Muslims around the world will be fasting from sun rise  to sunset which is roughly from 0530H to 1920H (this time round). For the non-Muslims, hey ho, no biggy issue here. However, like most of you Muslim runners and fitness enthusiast, i feel you. Most of you might think “Now that Ramadhan is here, there goes my training runs or gym sessions! Shucks!” or “Where got time to go for a run? Must check out the Geylang Bazaar and prepare for Hari Raya….”. 

But seriously people, fret not. I find that one of the MAJOR factor that gets in our way of training during the fasting month of Ramadhan is – EXCUSES. Well, make that EXCUSES & DENGDENG (aka Ba Kwa without the Pork element). I never believed its about  the fasting period or the minimal time to train, really. In fact, if you can set aside 10min of proper planning your training/running schedule for this fasting month, believe me, those training runs and exercise regimes of yours IS. ACHIEVABLE.

I understand that many would be prepping themselves up for the penultimate end-of-the-year race – THE STANDARD CHARTERED SINGAPORE MARATHON 2011, and feel that a month of not being able to run your weekly 10+km runs or so would mean its gonna screw up your run in December. But hey, fret not, HELP IS AT HAND yaw!

Over the course of the month, i’ll be posting up some of my training tips that you can follow to overcome this “down time” of yours. To those who are not fasting, you could actually include this in your daily/weekly training schedules perhaps to give your body a slight change of pace in training. We used to do a video blog, but lately, my sporty handheld camcorder is down. But we’ll see how ya?

Anyways, heads up in advance, for my training regime will be very different from that of typical runners who would run long distances or run for long duration (as a part of their training). For me, I focus very much on developing a strong core as well as high intensity training / endurance workouts to boost both muscular development as well as increase our cardiovascular system. Not forgetting diet as well! To be honest, i eat/drink almost anything less fast food and gassy drinks. Guess I’ll start posting up next week! So stay tuned ok!
“With a great strong core, comes better and faster runs.” and I cannot emphasize it any more than this. 🙂
Well, besides keeping your body fit to fly come December (for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011), don’t we all wanna look great come Hari Raya too? Now who’s with me?!
On behalf of the Awesome Team from Why We Run Network, we would like to wish all our Muslim friends, runners, fitness enthusiast and basically everyone out there,

A SELAMAT BERPUASA! Eat hard, Train harder! 😀


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