Lets Train During Ramadhan: Simple Core Exercises

As promised, this would be my 1st “Lets train during Ramadhan” post and for starters, i like to take things slow. Something which i feel can be easily done at home say, at around 6pm (1 hour workout before break fast) or alternatively, you can do it 2 hours after your break fast. That would be good, really.

Now in case some of you might not know, this is a a few part series of posts which i’ll be sharing on WHY i train during the fasting month of Ramadhan and WHAT do i do during my trainings or part thereof. Aimed NOT entirely towards runners but to the everyday ladies and gentlemen out there, like me, who is fasting but who would like to maintain that level of fitness (or improve it) for their upcoming events/runs particularly – The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011. And also to my non-Muslim friends and readers. Alternatively, in the short run – to look great for Hari Raya! Awww yeah~! 😛

Let me be honest with you – I never liked to train for races or running JUST by running alone. Many times, most runners will tend to go running for miles or long periods of time as a form of training. No doubt that to train for your runs, you have to run (duhh??) but lets not forget the other nitty-gritty factors or body parts that would enable you to run faster, better and stronger. One of which is your core muscles. More widely known as abs, six-pacs, and lower back. When you have a weak core, it will affect your running posture when you’re running those long distances. Your body will tend to slouch forward, back aches and you feel a great amount of resistance acting on you every time you take a step forward.

Think about it as if your body is a car. You may upgrade the engine (heart) and the fuel tank (lungs) to a bigger better model but if the structure of the car (your core) is made of a weak and cheap material, the car would not be able to go as fast/far as it could because the structure would just collapse under the intense pressure and stress that the driver is exerting on.

There are a probably 101 different types of core exercises that you can Google off from the internet or read from fitness magazines right now to find out how to do them and such. But since you are already here, lemme show you a few of MY typically used and VERY EASY to do core exercises that can be done at home, while waiting for the break fast timing OR simply you can do it at your nearest Fitness Corner in your neighbourhood. Seriously, you do NOT need to go to a gym to basically do such exercises.

All the exercises shown here basically are to be done at more than 20 repetitions per exercise. And the minimum number of sets per exercise is 3. Well, i dont wish to tell you exactly how many you should do OR you die die must follow the sequence of exercises, cause you know your body the best AND i personally hate routines. Makes the body too used to the flow that it becomes too easy, no kick.

For beginners, perhaps you might wanna look at doing 20 reps, 3 sets, per exercise. Remember to breathe out or exhale as you crunch your abs together. The names of the exercises might not the the standard regulated scientific name so yeah, don’t be so anal about it yeah.

And for those seasoned and hardcore ones, well you can do this instead: 6-pacs Chin Up! At times i LOVE to do variations to my workouts as routines are the killer motivators.


EXERCISE 2: CRUNCH & TWIST (right elbow to left knee and vice versa)

EXERCISE 3: STRAIGHT PLANKS AND SIDE PLANKS (Both sides. Hold each form for 30-60s depending)

EXERCISE 4: REVERSE CRUNCH (without using momentum, bring your knees as close to your chest)


For the next 2 exercises, they are additional exercises that you may want to include in your workout should you (a) Find the above 4 exercises too simple or (b) You are in the gym and they have these equipments. USE IT I SAY!



To make it more intense, you could make the 6 exercises into a circuit. That is after one exercise (of 20 reps) STRAIGHT AWAY go and do the next exercise. Once you have done all 4 or 6 exercises, rest for between 30-60s and then do them all over again. 3 rounds. 🙂

All in all, i hope this post has been useful and informative to you and would serve you good in your training for December’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011.

I would also like to throw in a HUGE BIG A** THANK YOU to my friend and a KIDS ATHLETICS trainer – Mr Taufiq. for modelling the shots for me despite just having break fasted. Couldnt be any more Alpha than that! 😉



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