Experience “The Scene” @ Onsight Climbing Centre

Now for most of you adventurist out there, climbing or rock climbing is one sport which really tests not only your arms and legs strength but also your nerves. And as most of you would have known by now (if not i dont know where you have been living, really), there are many rock climbing gyms in Singapore! When there’s demand, there’s supply. From this, one can deduce that the rock climbing scene is really gaining popularity fast. You can find the list of the rock climbing places in Singapore by clicking HERE.

Anyways, the main point im driving across is that Onsight Climbing gym is holding an event unlike any other so far – a MOVIE SCREENING! Yes, in it’s gym itself! Now now, before you start thinking of rock hard seats or chalk-covered arm rests, this movie screening aint gonna be about a bridesmaid or about 3 guys heading to Bangkok etc. Its gonna be about, well its a no brainer – ROCK CLIMBING! So even if you find yourself holding on to the rock wall while watching the movie, think about it – its one helluva cinematic feeling. Puts you in the mood i’d say.

What better way to meet up with like-minded rock climbing people than to be at such an event aye? Better still if you’re new to the climbing scene, you might wanna make learn more about it from the more experienced people there. 🙂

The movie’s titled The Scene and judging from the trailer, i have a tingling spidey feeling that its gonna rock (pun intended)! Tickets are selling at S$8 and it comes with many freebies and even a lucky draw. And ouh, its NEXT Friday, 26th August 2011 @ 1900H.

(For more info on ticket purchase and such, check out Onsight Climbing’s site: http://onsight.com.sg/the-scene/)

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/23320585]

Till then, train hard and have a rockin’ good time. 😉


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