Strongman Scene and Seen In Singapore!

The Doctor, the Dad, the Strongman

Dr Md Badrun Nafis is a father of five children and is in his mid-thirties. He is currently practising dentistry in the government sector. He graduated from NUS in 2000 and did his specialty training (Doctor in Clinical Dentistry) in Pediatric Dentistry from 2006 to 2008 at University of Melbourne, Australia.

His interest in weight training led him to dabble in basic bodybuilding and powerlifting training since his late teens.

During his time in Melbourne he trained with the Melbourne University Weightlifting And Powerlifting Club (MUWPC) and was an active member of Powerlifting Australia which was part of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). He competed in the following powerlifting competitions in the 90kg and 100kg weight divisions:

  • Australian Junior and Masters Championships / Victorian / SA State Championships – 8-9 April 2006
  • Australian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships – 28-30 July 2006
  • OceaniaPowerlifting and Bench Press Championships – 9-10 Dec 2006
  • Vic/SA PL& BP Open andMurray RiverChallenge – 10 Mar 2007
  • Australian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships – 28-29 July 2007

He is also very active in Strongman competitions and competed in the following:

  • Orang Kuat Sabah (OKS) 2011 – 6th place
  • Tuhun Tavakas 2011, Sabah– 7th place
  • CDANS 2005 Strongman Challenge – Finalist
  • IOI Mall’s Strongman Challenge:  2009 – 2nd place. 2010,2011 – Finalist
  • HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge – Preliminary rounds – 2009,2010,2011
He currently trains at SG Titans regularly for events training and is an Ex-Co member of the SG Titans.
I managed to get hold of Dr Badrun for an EXCLUSIVE interview to find out more about his experiences in taking part in such (strength sport) competitions overseas as well as giving us an insight to the sporting world of Strength sports. So sit back, read up and get inspired! (even if you’re NOT into weight liftings and such)
Welcome back to Singapore after an inspiring performance in Sabah! How was your experience competing in Sabah?

I have competed in two strongman competitions in Sabah so far: Orang Kuat Sabah 2011 and Tuhun Tavakas 2011. Both these competitions were previously held in 2010 but were then only opened to local competitors. But this year the organizers opened up the competition to invited international competitors and thus allowed the SG Titans contingent to represent Singapore in Sabah.

Competing in Sabah was a very positive and encouraging experience. Apart from being very warm and welcoming, the people inSabahalso came across as being very supportive and appreciative of strength sports. Huge crowds gathered at the competition venue as spectators for the events. Most were genuinely impressed and wowed by the feats of strength that the competitors showed. Many of them actually stepped forward and asked for photos with us, making us feel like celebrities. In fact even while walking around in public, total strangers would say hello to us and congratulate us. The media was also very prominent at the events and the competitions were featured in at least 3 different local newspapers.

What kind of events can one expect at such competitions?

The competitions themselves were also well organized and competitors were given ample time to rest between events. The organizers were also flexible and understanding to deal with any issues that might arise.  The events were classic strongman events such as Atlas Stones, Yoke Walk, Car Deadlift, Tire Flip, Husafel Stone and many more. All the events were challenging and some were totally new to us.

 What are the challenges or problems faced when competing overseas?

Competing away from home is always a challenge because there are so many other things to worry about and plan for. Basic logistics such as flights and hotels have to be booked and paid for in advanced. You do not want to reach a foreign country and not have a decent place to stay. The ideal lodging should be close to the competition venue for example for OKS 2011, our hotel was only 3 minutes walk away from the venue.

What about the equipment and gears that you all had to bring along for the competition?

Equipment and gear that are to be used have to meticulously packed and accounted for. It’s really frustrating to reach a competition venue and later realize that your “competition must-haves” such as knee wrap/belt/chalk/shoe etc are not in your luggage. Most times such specialized gears are not easily available in the normal sports stores. Appropriate supplementation and special dietary requirements also need to be planned and packed for the trip. At present we do not have any sponsors for such international events. We are hoping that our future participations in such international competitions will have sponsors to help us out financially.

Why do you choose Strongman? 

Strongman as a sport and taken competitively is very physically demanding and taxing. The sport not only challenges the physical strength and stamina of a person, but also his or her mental endurance and fortitude. Due in part to the sheer difficulty of the sport, completing an event is really satisfying as you know you have completed something that not many people have the strength, both physically and mentally, to accomplish.

On top of that, the immediate endorphin rush and high that you get is unlike any other sport or exercise that I have ever experienced. But for me the biggest reason that keeps me going back to strongman is the F factor – FUN! The variety of available events and different ways of training always make for something different and interesting to train with and improve upon. The challenge to lift/pull/push/carry an insanely heavy/bulky/large object or objects is even more fun when you are training with your friends who are constantly pushing you harder.

But despite the sheer strength and power needed for the events, a high level of technique and fast adaptability are also very important for an efficient and quick completion of each event. Agility, speed and mobility are also important aspects of strongman.

“There is no point if someone is very strong but not flexible enough to even bend down to reach the object or don’t have the stamina to complete the distance to walk with it.  These aspects of strongman need to be trained as well.”  – Dr Badrun, a Singapore Strongman

Who is Strongman for and what benefits can you get from the training?

Strongman training is however applicable to all sports enthusiasts of all ages. Anybody can train with strongman-styled equipment and undergo strongman-styled training. The weights may not be as heavy but the benefits of the training will be reaped by whoever trains in it.

The benefits include functional strength, strong core, flexibility, agility and mental toughness. Training strongman-style will also imbue the trainee with a strong sense of self-confidence and self-belief. As with other sports, it’s all about overcoming your personal “Wall” – built upon fear of lack of ability. Training at SG Titans will change you from a “I don’t think I am good enough” defeatist to a “ I will give it my best shot!!” optimist!

I strongly encouraged those looking for a new, challenging sport OR training style to experience strongman training at SG Titans. 🙂

For more info on SG Titans and/or Strongman related stuff you can check them out at Or alternatively, you can Google them. 😛

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