The unfortunate case of the white collared workers and prolly even students too. Jeng jeng jeng jennggg….

(Article shared by one of our exclusive guest writers – Victor Chan from Not Just Any Victor!)

Hello there.

Welcome to the “HOW DID I GET FAT WITHOUT KNOWING?!”. What I am going to share with you are my observations of how two groups of people living seemly ordinary lives have no idea how the way they eat, drink, work affect their bodies to an adverse level. Even with exercising, they can’t seem to ever get rid of their “stubborn” body fat. I am going to breakdown what a typical day looks like for these people and we will examine how they actually get fat without knowing. Here goes.

Disclaimer: What I am about to present is based from my own observation when I was working in a corporate environment for a month early some time this year.

The following takes place between 9:00am to 10:00am
So you got caught in the traffic again, no time to eat breakfast at home and there you are feeling tired as hell while barely making it to the office in time. Thankfully on your way to work, you managed to grab some takeaway breakfast (because you heard so many times that breakfast is so important and you can’t skip it) and most importantly – the morning caffeine required to get your day started. The day starts with one hand on the mouse checking emails and the other holding your spoon, eating your breakfast (ok maybe you are not THAT hardworking).

A typical breakfast – “Uncle, Nasi Lemak one packet!”

Your morning coffee will never look this awesome. 🙂

Total Calorie Count and Counting ~ 714 Calories
Nasi Lemak ~494 Calories[1]
Starbucks 16oz Latte ~ 220 Calories[2]

The following takes place between 10:00am to 12:00pm
You have cleared your emails, finished up the routine admin work, had your fair share of the daily gossip on how you almost could not get on the 4th bus if you did not elbow your way through the crowd uttering in funny accents. The morning meeting has been pushed back to after lunch and you are now surfing Facebook while waiting for lunch time. Beside you is your favourite pack of snacks that you consume when you feel bored from work or… bored from work.

2 pieces wouldn’t hurt… Ok breakfast wasn’t so much I will take 4 instead

Total Calorie Count and Counting ~ 1094 Calories
Tim Tams (4 pieces) ~ 380 Calories[3]

The following takes place between 12:00pm to 01:00pm
You managed to ‘chop’ seat at the food court by flicking your pack of tissue paper accurately on to the middle of the table, beating the rest of the people who were merely walking there to place their belongings. Well done! Time to get lunch!

Instead of cards, you flick your packet of tissue paper to save the day (i mean your seat).

Who doesn’t love a cup of pink stuff??!

Wanton Mee

By the time you are done with lunch, you realized that there’s actually 20 more minutes before you are required to be back in the office (due to your elite ‘chopping seats’ skills). There’s time for dessert!

Green stuff with red stuff with white stuff = sweet stuff

Total Calorie Count and Counting ~ 2247 Calories
Bandung ~ 153 Calories[4]
Wanton Mee ~ 407 Calories[5]
Chendol ~593 Calories[6]

The following takes place between 01:00pm to 03:00pm
Lunch was just the usual, nothing too spectacular like an 8 dish menu in a Chinese restaurant. However, now you are feeling rather sleepy from lunch. Luckily for you, you remembered to get another cup of coffee! Of course, only drinking it after the usual afternoon nap that is (because you know your boss isn’t in on Wednesdays).

Total Calorie Count and Counting ~ 2467 Calories
ANOTHER Starbucks 16oz Latte ~ 220 Calories

The following takes place between 03:00pm to 04:00pm
Oh you forgot! Today is <inserts name of colleague whom you barely even know>’s birthday! There’s a small cake cutting ceremony in the meeting room and you get a slice of chocolate cake!

Wah lau er! It looks so good that I can down the whole cake myself!

Total Calorie Count and Counting ~ 2702 Calories
A slice of chocolate cake ~ 235 Calories[7]

The following takes place between 04:00pm to 06:00pm
Preparing for the end of the work day, you cleared half of the work that you are supposed to, finished tweeting your last tweet and getting ready to go off before it’s actually time to (if you cannot relate to this, my heart goes out for you). Time to meet your significant other for dinner plans!

Total Calorie Count and Counting ~ WTF you’re still counting?!?

“Caloric balance is the key to managing your weight. An average man needs about 2000 kcal/day while an average woman needs about 1600 kcal/day. When you eat more calories than what your body uses or “burn off”, these extra calories will be stored as fat in your body, leading to weight gain.” – Weight Loss 101, Health Promotion Board, Singapore[8]

Need I say more?

Do you want to look like this for halloween?

Stay tune for part 2 as we look at how the younger kids these days balloon up!

References (I don’t think anyone actually reads this though)
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  1. That’s the first time i’ve heard that you could eat that much working in corporate environment! LOL the last time i was working in the corporate environment i would be lucky if i have enough time to eat or lunch!

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